Hospital have messed my colposcopy appt up!

Hi I originally had an appt for tomorrow after receiving my high grade dyskaryosis result but rang the hospital last week to try get a cancellation and they changed it to today at 9.45, i got a letter confirming the change.

Ive just rang them to check if i'd definately be having treatment this morning cos was going to take some painkillers before we set off and she said my appt was tomorrow. My partner had already come home from work to take me and my mum had come to take my little boy to look after as we were about to set off. Anyway after transferring me to 3 different people then finally speaking to the person who changed the appt she said she didnt know how it happened but the clinic was full today, she didnt apologise which im so annoyed about, i know mistakes happen but they shouldnt with things like this when people are so anxious. Anyway she spoke to the nurse who said she'll squeeze me in in her lunch break but i definately wont be having treatment today so ive told my partner just to go back to work and going on my own now.

We have private medical cover through my partners work with Bupa and wish i'd used it now but with the appt coming through fairly quickly i didnt think there was any need but am thinking i might try using it after my 'appt' today.

Wonder what wouldve happened if i hadnt rang before we set off and we'd just have been getting there now.

Anyway sorry for the whinge

Gail x

I had a similar thing, I’d got a letter for my colp apt saying it was 9:00 so I got there nice and early, had taken painkillers, boyfriend had taken time off work etc. I was really nervous but when I arrived they told me it was changed to 10:40am. They hadn’t even tried to contact me about the change so we had to wait in a cafe, my painkillers wore off and my anxiety went through the roof!

I know in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t the end of the world, but when you’re feeling anxious anyway it’s the last thing you need. You have my sympathies! Two days after my apt I received a letter telling me of the change. Helpful!

Good luck for your treatment xx