Hospital called but no results sent yet?

Hi all, hoping someone can put me at ease?
I had two biopsies taken on the 22nd of November and every day since has been pure hell waiting for the results to come back. Two hours ago the hospital called and asked to book me in for surgery on the 21st of December, when I asked what my results were she said she couldn’t tell me as she isn’t a doctor. Could this be LLETZ as I haven’t had this? Why can no one tell me my results - I’ve called every hospital department possible and my doctors and I’ve had no luck.


Hi Heather,

I’m not sure if it helps, but I had the same experience. I was given my appointment for surgery (for a lletz) before I received my results. I called around as well, until I got someone to just read out the results letter. I did get the results in the post a few days later. Though, I was really upset/angry they book things in before you can even process the results.

I would try not to worry, if it was something more serious, a Dr would have called. I am no expert, I imagine it’s lletz procedure or along those lines, but I’m sure you could ask the hospital what you’re booked in for? Though I know that doesn’t help the anxiety, I know how horrible it is when you’re waiting. Hope you get the results soon x

Hi Lucy,

Thank you so much for your response, it definitely helps! I’m hoping to get my results imminently, just so annoyed and quite upset about this whole process!

You are right with that, I must have left 4 voicemails yesterday for someone to get back to me, just so that they could tell me something!

Thanks so much x

I can completely relate to that! Unfortunately, I have been round this process a couple times now. I think they organise the referral first and automatically book a hospital appointment as they send out your results, which take a few days to arrive in the post.

I think it’s great that they are so efficient but it’s terrifying when you haven’t been told what your results are! Hope you get the results soon x