Hospital Appt tomorrow re Biopsy results after Loop treatment


I'm new here, & just need a word of understanding or reassurance. I posted a week or so ago because I was due to have loop treatment. I've now had this, & have been sent an urgent letter yesterday, to attend an appointment tomorrow morning. I'm scared stiff, as I'm seeing a gynaecologist who specialises in gynae cancer. It's also now gone to my main hospital, not the one I had Loop treatment. I had abnormal bleeding four weeks ago, went to Dr, was then revered urgently to hospital. Had a colposcopy & the biopsy showed CIN3, so I had loop treatment, where the consultant advised me, I needed much more removed than thought. My results are due this week at the earliest. I was told, if everything was clear, I would receive a letter telling me so, & just to attend my smear in December. However, I've had a letter to go to an appt. I'm scared, if I'm honest. 

Hi Sylvia,

I can completely understand why you are scared. My path to diagnosis of cc was different to this so I'm not best placed to advise on this. All I will say is try to stay positive. If they do have the needs of cc for you tomorrow it is likely to be in early stages and very treatable.

We are all here to support you.

I wish you the best of luck, let us know how you get on.

Rachel x

Hi Sylvia firstly I havd been where you are so I know how worrying it is.  

It could be they need to do more lletz as margins were unclear. Try not to worry to much (I know very hard) but even in worst case it is very treatable. 

My sister got a letter for a meeting and it was to tell her they found evidence of hpv in her biopsy so they needed another colposcopy to check things so it could be a number of things. At least you haven't got long to wait and you have come to the right place lovely ladies on here.

Big hugs and and try to be kind to yourself don't Google just wait to see what they have to say <3 xxx

Thank you both so much. I'm sorry, because in the scope of things, I feel I'm overreacting but it's all I'm thinking about at the moment. I cannoy fault the NHS at all, I just want to know what is happening. I am preparing for the worst & hoping for the best x 

That's what anyone would do in your situation. Pray it will be ok for you tomorrow and please let us know as I will be thinking about you. Big hugs again. watch a film or something tonight something upbeat it always helps me. Xxxx

I was in a similar situation re my results from the LLETZ,  but instead of a letter I got a phone call from the hospital saying that they had made an appointment for me the following morning.When I asked if it was bad news she said she couldn't tell me anything as she was just the receptionist,  but said I should probably bring someone with me as I would be receiving lots of info etc.  Kinda gave the game away really,  I was just pleased I only had overnight to wait. 

As I'd guessed it wasn't great news, but could have been a lot worse.  I'm fine now and they only thing worrying me is that I still have a few weeks of work and the weather is rubbish. 

Try not to worry to much, as the other ladies have said, whatever it is it will be very treatable. Fingers crossed for you, please keep us updated.


Greta xx 






I went to my appointment & the nurse who has been with me for colposcopy loop etc was there, she came and saw me, telling me I may need a few minutes before going in, so I knew it wasn't good news.

I have cervical cancer, it's in my womb and top of vagina, so I am having an Mri and a full hysterectomy, & treatment, as long as the mri doesn't  show pelvis spread. I may have lymph nodes removed, I'm hoping not. In shock & telling family is hard. 


Sorry to hear your news and know exactly how you feel re telling family. I sat for an hour with the phone in my hand trying to work out how to break it to my Mum, who lives 250 miles away and worries about absolutely everything!  She was actually not to bad, I think most people know these days that this is very treatable when caught early. In a epic bit of bad timing my Mother in law found out she had breast cancer a couple of days later, but again early stage so she will be OK too.

I've just been through the same and am 6 weeks post Op and have been amazed how easy the whole thing has been. It is a lot to take in, but it will all be over before you know it.

Sending hugs,

Greta xx

Thank you xx sounds like you have had a rough ride and have been very brave. I spoke to my critical illness insurance cover & the tactful phrase was " so how invasive is it? That's makea a difference to the payout! So glad it's all clear for you Greta.