Horrid Taste

Having almost completed my 5 week treatment cycle,  1 more session Radiotherapy & 3 Brachytherapy to go with relatively few side effects thankfully, the one side effect that is driving me insane is horrid taste I have in my mouth, bitter, acidic metallic taste.

I am told it's a side effect related to certain types of chemotherapy - I had Cisplatin, but it's really getting to me,  nothing that I eat or drink tastes right. I can't remember when I last enjoyed a cup of tea.  

Do any of you lovely ladies have any hints or tips on dealing with this  ?



Feisty xx

I too have a god awful taste that I can't shift, pretty much as you describe. At the moment I almost permanently have a mint or gum in my mouth. I was hoping that after my last chemo next week it was go but having seen this I'm not so sure it will. 

Following because like you, I'd like to enjoy things again x


Firstly well done you are nearly there Hun! I don't have any tips but remember my aunt said just the same.  

Hope it will pass and you can enjoy food/drinks soon. Big hugs xxx 

Hiya :-)

I found I simply couldn't stand coffee, which I live on. So while I couldn't stand it I drank Green Tea with lemon and that was OK. Glad now to be back on coffee again. It will settle down and you will be able to enjoy everything you did before. Something to look forward to :-D

Be lucky :-)

Thanks Ladies,

I guess like everything else it'll take it's course.  it's not just tea or coffee,  it affects everything I eat or drink, the taste is present all the time and actually puts me off eating or drinking anything.  Hopefully it will decide to move on as quickly as it appeared,

Feisty xx

I had the exact same thing through the 6 months of chemo I had...Unfortunately nothing I found took away the taste and it was horrible as it really put me off food and cus I had really bad sickness too it did not help! I had 3 weeks rest from my chemo finishing and it took a couple of days for the taste to to I think this is when the chemo left my system. I'm now back on chemo once a week with radiotherapy and fingers crossed it hasn't come back - yet!

If you do find something let me know!

Hi Carmel,  

I've finished my Chemo now and it took 2 weeks for the taste to go,  I'm sorry to hear you were so sick with your chemo too, the taste thing was bad enough,  fingers crossed it isn't making you feel so bad this time round.   

I was going to an acupunturist as I'd read that acupuncture can alleviate some of the symptoms of radiotherapy, and when i explained the horrible taste to him, he seemed to be able to lessen the taste so I could at least eat,  previously I just had no interest in food as it all tasted yeughhhh.  


Wish I could be more helpful to you than this,  

Stay strong & positive,

Feisty xx


Oh brilliant thank you! And thank you for your kind words. I haven't had the taste this time thank goodness as I am on a diffrent chemo this time it must of been a side effect of the other type I had. I will keep your advice in mind.

I am pleased you have finished your treatment and hopefully it is nothing but good news from here on out for you x