horrible experience and left confused

Hi guys,

S.... I had my first routine smear test at the beginning of July, two weeks later I got the letter to say I had high grade dyskarosis :-(

Had to wait 3 weeks for my colposcopy. Felt like I was waiting forever! My appointment day finally arrived and I've been left quite confused. The leaflets I received with my appointment letter said that the Dr would look to see how severe and how big the affected area was and then treatment options would be discussed. 

I was called into the Drs office, he asked me a couple of questions-children etc and then he just said follow me. Went into the room where the treatment was done. Had a loop excision, the Dr had to call for a second opinion because he wasn't sure if the affected area was too big to do under a local anesthetic. Then when he had finished if just got up and walked out! So I'm not quite sure what happens now. The nurse just said my results would be back within 6 weeks and that's all that was said. So am I guessing if took biopsy? I'm not quite sure what's going on


Can anyone help?



Hi Torah,

I just had the loop today. I had the colposcopy a few weeks ago where they did biopsies and then called me back for further treatment today, when my sister had her's she got the treatment at the same time as the colposcopy like you and she got the all clear after that so it is not anything to worry about that they did it straight away. They will now need to send the abnormal cells off to be tested to see exactly what is there and that is what you will have to wait up to a few weeks for.

I was told i will receive the results in writing within a month, if there is no cancer detected then i will just need to go back in 6 months for a follow up smear to see if all the affected cells are gone.

Hope this helps.


So they would have sent the cells away? Im guessing It may have been because it was already established that what abnormalities were found through my smear, that's why the Dr literally just said right let's do the treatment? 

He said that before he had even looked. That's why I was a bit thrown :-/



As far as I can tell it all depends on who's doing the procedure, different hospitals and different doctors do it in different ways. My sister was seen at the same hospital but by a different doctor. They had my smear results too but decided they needed more. I think It also goes off the size of the affected area too, although they said mine was quite large today. Like I said, my sister got the all clear after hers so try not to worry too much. H

Sorry to hear you didn't get much info! My consultant said that if he is sure the area will need treating he does 'see and treat' but when he's not sure it will 100% need it then he takes biopsies so that he doesn't over treat ladies. Call them up and ask if you are wondering anything honey it's your body x