Hi all, i had lletz proceedure in April and physically, i have healed well and there appear to be no ongoing issues at this time. Which is Fab, But…my last 2 periods since i had the treatment, my PMT has ben horrific. I have been so emotional and actually feared for my mental health. As an example, this weekend i burst into hysterical tears at a family party and was unable to calm down. There was no reason at all why i would be upset. I have always had some mild PMT symptoms, excess crying at films, etc, but this is off the scale. Has anyone else experienced this at all? I dont think i can cope with another month of that level of menatl unrest and irrationality. :frowning:

Well, I just had my LEEP (LLETZ) procedure a week and a half ago and believe I am now getting my period. The last several days I have felt like a complete crazy person with PMS. I'm not sure why having a LEEP would cause PMS symptoms to be worse, but it appears to be true for me. i hope you get back to feeling better soon as I have felt somewhat better today once my period finally arrived. Xx

Thank you for your reply my2girls, i am glad that the symptoms have eased for you a little. Its a very strange idea that the LLetz can interfere with your hormones, but i can honestly say i felt i was going mad. Its eased off now, so it will be interesting to see what this cycle brings...oh the joys of this are ongoing and numeorus :) xx