Hormones and depression after LLETZ?

Hello everyone,

6 weeks ago I had my LLETZ procedure for CIN-3. Treatment was successful and I have every reason to be happy.

After the operation I have been suffering with very heavy periods and hormones that make me extremely depressed. I have not had these kind of issues before my treatment. Is it normal? I am hoping it will improve as I heal otherwise I will need to find a way to get help.

Anyone else experience these kind of symptoms post treatment ?

Thanks dear ladies.

Hi hollydaisy.

I am glad to hear you have had a successful treatment. 

I just wanted to reply and let you know that since my first lletz I also feel like something in me has changed. i only realised this in the past week but prior to my first lletz last august I was a lot more carefree. I wouldnt say I am depressed now but I do feel a lot more anxious and emotional. I Definatley feel like a different person now to what I was before this all began. Hopefully in time it will settle x x sending good thoughts x x