Hoping to find 1st hand tips on the start of treatment

Hi,ladies. I am a 34 y.o. lady just recently diagnosed with CC… i was lost and in disbelief when I first find out… but now I am ready to face this challenge. I am living alone, healthy & active … I got only few people who knows what I am undergoing through right now which is my boyfriend (long distance) , my boss at work and couple of friends. I didn’t inform my father and my son since they are thousands miles away and I don’t want them to be sick and worried about me. I am living alone here in europe because I came all the way from Asia to work and support my kid since I am a single parent. Anyways, my treatment will start this week… I am still trying to be strong and deal with this with positive thoughts. So… I hope you lovely ladies will have some first hand tips / advice on anything what to or what not to do on the 1st week of treatment or the rest of the treatment. Have a fantastic day to you all. Hugs! :slight_smile:

Hello. I can't offer advice on treatment, as I'm newly diagnosed and don't know yet what treatment I'll be having. I have read lots of posts though and can say that, on the whole, the chemo and radiotherapy doesn't seem as awful as I'd thought. There are a few diary type posts detailing how the first week, second week, etc have gone and they would be worth searching out - although I'm sure the more experienced ladies will be along to give you good advice shortly. Just really wanted to say hello and good luck with the first week of treatment.

Anne x

Hi cheery pie

im sorry to hear about your cc. I am currently in treatment and it sounds you will be having the same treatment as I am. So far I'be been quite well during my treatment. My first 2 weeks I felt no side effects at all. I have had some diarrhea my third week but have sorted that out. I think. 

im sorry you are alone and don't have family with you but friends can be sometimes be even better. Make sure you do have someone you can call in case of an emergency. Although, you should be fine it's best to have things in place. Also, try to organize yourself as best as possible for weekly shopping and things so you do not have to run out if you are not feeling well. 

read lots of posts on treatment and you will get so many suggestions that might be able to help. Everyone is a bit different so what works for one person might not be an needed for another. Just listen to what your body is telling you and don't be afraid to talk to the nurses over anything even small. They have great tips to help cope. 

all the best for your treatment, good luck and stay positive.  Before you know it it'll be done. 


Hi Cherry. I have already had 2 radiations but it looks like we both start chemo on the same day. I go in Aug 9th at 9 for my first. Good luck! We can be chemo buddies :) What stage are you? I'm 1b2 and have adenocarcinoma (glandula) With a 5-6 cm tumor. No suspected spread to anything thank goodness.

Hi Cherry Pie :-)

Like you, I had my treatment in a country far away from home and family. It's not so bad ;-) You aren't surrounded by people making a fuss or being upset. It means you can sleep when you want to, eat what you want to when you want to, slob around, take it as it comes without having to put on an act for the benefit of others. These are all good things :-)

The chemo is likely to make you feel a bit sick, if this happens tell the nurses and they will change your anti-nausea medication. Don't forget to take it! It might also put you off some foods. Don't worry about that, just eat what you fancy whenever you feel like it, you can go back to a healthy diet when all this is finished with.

The radiotherapy is likely to make you feel tired, and probably give you diarrhoea in about your third week. It's annoying more than anything. I took a tablespoon of aloe vera extract in a glass of apple juice every morning. I have no idea if it helped but it certainly did no harm.

Be lucky :-)

Hi cherrypie,  i think my tips are take each day as it comes. Not everybody gets every side effect and a few people get next to nothing. 

For your actual treatment  - wear joggers that are easy to pull up and down and slip on shoes for speed. 

Try to get early radiotherapy appointments

Take a shawl and lots of snacks on chemo day

Drink lots of water

Keep posting on here, just for someone to talk to and also for moral support  x x 

Oh and see if you can get people to cook for you or when you are feeling good, batch cook x 

Philleepa spotted my deliberate mistake :-)


Be lucky :-)

Hi, Anne. I really do appreciate your effort. Thanks a bunch. Hugs :)

Hi lolli888! Yes, I heard that the 1st 2 weeks are good.. but on the 3rd wk.. ok, I must admit.. I am worried. So far my 1st week of treatment is doing well.. aside from frequent visit to the loo is quiet a burden and a slight nausea but once I took my pill then it's a relief. Thanks for sharing. Hugs! :)

Hi, nm_353! Omg! We got a lot of similarity... I mean when we

Both started our 1st chemo session on august 09, I started my radiotherapy last August 08 tho.. I have to ask my oncologist tomorrow cause every fri. Is my appointment with her .. I need to know what stage is my endocervical adenocarcinoma.. I remember she told me that my tumor stayed in my cervix and it is not spreading.. so I guess it's good. I think we got almost the same size of tumor.. I need to check again. Pls. Do keep in touch. I will consider you as my buddy on this treatment. . We are quiet similar from diagnosis, start of chemo..even the month where I had my pap.. Geez.. :D let's update each other and wish both of us will gracefully complete our treatment. I wish us a bounty luck! Big hug! :D

Hi, Tivoli!  I am so elated that I find someone like you on this forum. Yea, living alone is an advantage & a bit a challenge especially on this stage. Thanks God, I have a friend who will accompany me on my chemo sessions.. and on the 3rd week my bf is staying with me for a week so at least .. I am not that alone & lonely.. I hope my treatment will go smoothly until it's completed..thanks a bunch for your lovely tips. Big hug! :D 

Hi, Philleepa! Thanks a bunch for the fabulous tips. They are quiet a help on my therapies. Hugs! :D

Yea.. I am cooking when I feel like it like today.. I prepared foods that will last me for 2 to 3 days. I also got a friend who will cook for me once in a week.. so I guess it's quiet good. :D

Hey Cherry, I have been updating on the forum somewhat. How are you coming along? I am, meh, making it I guess. Got a handle on my pukes and then boom, got hit with the shits from radiation. It's unlike any diarrhea I've had in my life. I must have went 40x since Saturday. I can't replenish my fluids fast enough. I've lost 6lbs since Friday. I'm so worried about laying on the radiation table for 15 min this morning! Do I wear a diaper!? (Lol).