Hoping for some insight...

Hi all, I'm at a loss as to what my next move should be and am hoping for some advice.

I'm 21 and had been having pain and bleeding during and after sex as well as watery discharge that was so much I was having to wear liners (for about 2 yr). 

I saw multiple doctors and no one offered me a pap until January when I was 21. During this it was extremely painful, the GP said it didn't look good up there and there was a lot of bleeding which "worried her". I got my results back with moderate dyskariosis (she didn't mention HPV but I am assuming). I went for colposcopy and biopsy at the beginning of March. There I had an unpleasant experience, as the doctor saw lesions that she biopsied but was sure that the bleeding and appearance of the surface was due to an 'infection' because of my age. 6 Weeks later they called me to tell me I had no infections (which I knew as I've had the same partner for 3 years) and that the results were "more severe than they initially anticipated". 

During this call I kind of went numb even though I knew what to expect as I had been having these issues a long time- but I didn't ask any specific questions as to what the report said or anything. I called back a few days later when I had a clear head to ask what the report said exactly, the nurse told me it was "HSIL cannot exclude CIS". Now the problem is, they are saying they don't want to see me again until August for a possible treatment because they think it could go down to LSIL by then because I'm too young for it to be a problem...and if it doesn't revert back they will consider treatment- as they said the treatments are 'invasive' and that they want to cover all the bases first.

Am I crazy to think this is ridiculous? Since my initial smear and biopsy my symptoms have progressed to where I bleed when going to the bathroom and have pain in my pelvic area during this as well. I told the nurse that and she said "you should have a doctor check that out" what?! I'm so confused and really hoping someone can help me out. The results said they can't exclude CIS, which is carcinoma in situ...- and this was just from ONE punch biopsy... not even a Lletz that usually shows more.

I want to go back for another appointment with my GP because the hospital won't see me again until August to do a re-test... but I have repeatedly gone back to her over and over as my symptoms progress and she just says the hospital will be handling it...

I live in Canada so I know the systems are different but this just doesn't feel right.

Thank you for any help anyone can offer me :( 

Hi Lovely,

I would certainly go back to your Dr, and not wait until August. 

Perhaps ask for a second opinion as your symptoms are still present, and you believe there is more to it.

Don't just accept what you are told - you must return to get this sorted.

Good Luck! xx

What! Go to your GP again. If you can possibly afford it consider going privately to a different gynaecologist if they won't see you. I cannot imagine why they want to wait. If you can call the Dr's secretary who did the tests ask to speak to someone about the results again and clarify why you're waiting. 


Best of luck, I hope it gets sorted soon x 

Thank you ladies so much for your responses. 

I am trying to get a second opinion, as my GP always says that the hospital is in charge of my 'case' and that theres nothing she can do if they don't want to look into it for a few months. It's very unsettling to me, especially because their only reasoning is always that "I'm so young"... Hopefully I can find someone that will take me seriously. I didn't think it would be this way especially when my biopsy is showing CIS. 

Unfortunately Canada doesn't have a private option, our health care is only public, if I had the option I wouldn't hesitate. 

Once again thank you for your insight- really helps to hear that I'm not acting irrationally. I'll keep posting here if I'm able to get another opinion.

Hello again!

Hoping for some more help here.

I am registered for an online-health record portal type thing that allows me to see my results and which doctors are on my care team. They have added a new doctor to my team (which used to be only gynecologists) and there is now a gynecological-oncologist. I am confused- again no one has called me or suggested further treatment until August. I have looked up the doctor and it says hes the head of the oncology department at the hospital. It is scary to see oncologist on there without having anyone sit me down to discuss the C word. My result does say in-situ cancer though. Do you think maybe they know what they're doing to wait until August? This new doctor seems to be the best of the best...should I still seek another opinion?

Thanks again