Hoping for some help/advice? :/

Wishing you all the best xx


how have you been during those 15 years?

i think what I mean is have there been many scares or long term effects? 

Hope that isn’t too much of a personal question if so I apologise! 

I know I’m lucky I’m in a sense of whilst I had my kids young I still had the opportunity to have them unlike many others bless them, and I know what’s likely to happen now but the future still holds a big question mark? 



Hi Denny,

21 years, not sure where you  got 15 from! So just to remind you it's better still.

I was good for twenty years until 2017. I lost my fertility but like you already had two children so I went on to foster instead. I was vigilant about using the dilators so kept my function in.the lady department. Only problem was I did develop a very irritable bowel from the RT but I was able to manage. I always kept Imodium in my bag. Other than that I lived my life perfectly normally and felt perfectly healthy.

I was unlucky in that I developed a second cancer in 2017 caused by the radiation. That won't happen to you. The doses given in 1997 were much bigger than they are now and not as precisely targeted.

You don't know yet what your treatment will be so you might avoid radiation altogether.

I will keep an eye on.how you are doing.

Karen x