Hopeful Story

I had a pap smear performed on March 21st of this year. The results showed abnormal cells, so a colposcopy was scheduled. The doctor informed me that once an acetic solution was applied to the cervix during the colposcopy, it would highlight any areas that may contain precancerous cells. If any areas looked suspicious, she would take biopsies of them.

On April 13th, I went in for the colposcopy. She did see suspicious looking areas and took 4 cervical biopsies and tested a cervical polyp that was removed as well as cells from the opening of the cervix. I was really nervous to hear the results. I called the doctors office 4 days later to inquire about the results. The receptionist took a message for my doctor. My doctor emailed me back that evening which is rare I think because people say results can often take weeks.

It turned out that none of the tests showed pre cancerous cells that required removal or treatment. I was told that I would need to come back in 1 year for a follow up pap smear.

It turns out that I did test positive for one of the strains of HPV that causes cancer, though they didn’t test to see which strain it was. I was told that in the follow up pap smear, they can do co-testing to see which strain it is if I still have the virus at that point.

I read a lot of posts on this forum but didn’t see any from women who had tests come back with no pre cancerous cells after colposcopy and biopsy. I guess people get the good news and don’t bother to return to update the forum. I vowed to not be one of those people because when I was up all night worrying and reading forum posts I know how much I would have loved to see at least one experience where no further treatment was needed. Not seeing any led me to believe that when you have a high risk strain of HPV that warrants a colposcopy and biopsies, there is almost always cells that need removal or cancer. This is not true!!! Hope it gives at least of glimmer of hope to someone reading this.

Story of Hope!Smile

Hi! This was indeed a hopeful story :) I have a colposcopy scheduled for next week (may 2) and hoping everything goes well.

thank you for your story of hope as I am waiting to seek second dr opinion before my first colposcopy.my tests showed CIN2 so the Dr told me I should do colposcopy and biopsies but he didn't explain much leaving me in a complete shock so I went to online researches to know what is he talking about what is this CIN2.he just said if it is spread we will remove a part of the cervix.so I took an appointment with another gynecologist to get more info and second opinion and proceed before it's too late. Sure I will get back here to share my story.thanks a lot this is the only site which answered my tons of questions.