Hi there, I am into my fifth year of cancer free, after talking to my consultants and doctors about my feeling of loss not having children, and what route to go down, my doctor refered me to hospital I spoke to the head of fertility who seems to think there's a good reason for them to do a hystoscopy and to see how much damage has been done with my radiotherapy, I didn't end up having a hysterectomy, I had chemo radiation, but he wants to completely check what damage has been done as he said there maybe a slight chance I could carry a baby still through egg donation. I can't believe he's suggested this as thought there was no chance whatso ever, so I'm praying for a slight miracle. I have the op next thur the 23rd, and am a bit scared as been told it's gonna hurt as its going to have scar tissue etc, but I feel if I don't do this now It will never leave my head! Has anyone had a hysteroscopy after there treatment? trust wanted advice on how painful it is please


stage 2 of cervical cancer, lymph node removal positive, finishing chemoradiation on 2nd feb

Hey, not the same circumstances as you as I had a hysterectomy with ovary conservation. They thought I could then have a baby via surrogate if I so chose. However, I've now got to have chemo radio so it has changed things. I saw a fertility expert but unfortunately there was not time to give me ivf, remove eggs etc before my treatment. He told me to come back and see him after my treatment and he will do a blood test to see if anything in my ovaries at all. so there is always hope and I wish you the best of luck with it all. 

Sophie xx

Thankyou, and the same to you, good luck xxxx