Home DIY HPV test kit, thoughts?

Hello everybody I am new to this website. I've been doing some research regarding HPV and got myself a bit worried as I've been quite promiscuous in the past and there's every chance I could have it. I found something quite interesting when googling earlier. I found some websites offering HPV test kits. What do you all make of these websites? (Listed below). I never even knew there was such a thing as a DIY HPV test. Are these tests real or are they a big con?




These are the only 3 websites I could find that sell them. What do you all think?




I'd hope they're legitimate, but perhaps it would be worth discussing it with your GP? Have you had a cervical smear test yet? In some areas of the country, they will test for HPV as part of that; sometimes as a first-line test, and sometimes as a second-line test upon discovering abnormal cells. Your GP may be able to advise if your area of the country is doing this and then you could have the peace of mind of an NHS test (free of charge, definitely legitimate). Please don't get yourself unduly worried though. MOST people will have been exposed to HPV; 8 out of 10 women will have had an HPV infection at some point. Apparently it usually spontaneously resolves, especially in women in their 20s. If you're at all concerned, I think it would be worth talking to your GP about having a smear test, even if you're under the age at which it's usually offered, just for your peace of mind. Sorry, a bit of a non-answer! Xx