Home after a LLETZ under GA


I initially thought I was going to have local today due to having an ICD. Got to the admissions and I was lucky to be asked for a GA so of course I took it because my anxiety was through the roof! So anyway after waking up I had no pain what so ever which was a relief. Felt groggy from the drugs but went home as soon as I had felt better. What confused me was that the discharging nurse advised me that I had dissolving stitches. I didn't think anything of it until I came home. Slight period cramp at the moment now so probs the drugs wearing off lol. What I'm wondering is I have come up with 2 conclusions. 1, the cells were deeper than she expected so went in deeper.  2, the anaesthetic I was given had no adrenaline in because of my heart and the adrenaline helps clot blood so without it it cause more bleeding so had to stitch up.

Any1 have any idea? I will find out when I can but was just hoping some1 else had similar experience?


Hugs x

Sorry can't help as I've had 3 lletz and don't think they ever mentioned stitches. I had my second lletz/cone biopsy under ga and they told me they'd struggled to stop the bleeding but they used like a putty that they stuck on that fell out after a few days. Also when I first woke up they'd used a packing so huge bandage inside me that was removed when I was awake. I'd just give them a call and double check what she said x

Hiya Libby, 

Thanks for your reply. Yes I did end up calling them and to my relief the discharge nurse had informed me incorrectly! The procedure went as planned and no stitches were used. 

I'm sorry to hear that you've had to go through so many procedures! I hope you get sorted and no more returns for you.


Hugs x