Home after 2 failed attempts.

Firstly I wanted to thank everyone for their messages of support over the last week or so.

After the fistula surgery, a birthday in hospital and 2 failed attempts to get home over the weekend, I have finally made it. I am now confined to the sofa and bed resr for a while but we will get there eventually.

Fingers crossed now for some good luck and a break in the crap for a while.

All the best ladies on everyone of your journeys.

Thank you again for the messages.
Keep us posted on your stories, they are great to read x

Onwards and upwards (its been a while since I said that ) xxx

Hi Erin

Great news that you've finally made it back home!! Lots of rest now and let everyone look after you...you deserve it with everything you've been through!! 

your strength is amazing...and like you say fingers and toes crossed to things being a bit easier for you now!!  

Onwards and upwards Hun 

take care!! xxx

You're home!  Yay! Get the box sets out, snuggle down on the sofa and rest. Fingers crossed that the worse you have to deal with from now on is a blankie covered with biscuit crumbs and a cup of cold tea that you forgot to drink.

Take care sweetie,

much love, t xx

Hi Erin :-)

Exactly what magical Teresa said plus great big hugs


Be lucky :-)

Hi there

so happy to hear that you are finally home. Enjoy your couch time and make sure you try to smile at least once a day.  :)

Ah bless you Erin, you are finally back home. What a wonderful place to be after hospital. Now you can get all the sleep and rest you need and start to feel more you again. What a strong lady and inspiration to us all. 

In your words "Onwards and upwards" to us all 

Big hugs xx

Hey Sweetie boots:

How's it going? Hope you're being waited on hand and foot, and that you're feeling a little bit more like yourself.

love t x

Hi Erin I hope things have settled down. Don't know if you have Netflix but I spent months enjoying all those series. I can give you suggestions if you like

Hey Teresa.

Its not going too badly at the moment thanks. I spent another 24 hours back in hospital with a chest infection requiring iv antibiotics but have been home since. Still on antibiotics for chest plus cystitis. 

I am being waited on hand and foot and couldn't ask anyone to do anymore for me. I'm going mad with boredom and not being up to doing much for myself. Its so frustrating. 

I am feeling more like myself, I think, I'm still trying to find who that was/is as this has changed me somehow in my head. 

Onwards and upwards.

Much love to all xx

Hi jayneeeb,

Thanks also for your message. Things do look to be settling down at last. I've still not taken the final hospital wrist band off as it feels like tempting fate. 

Netflix is something I've been considering, day time TV here is shocking. Something good to get stuck into would be fab, any suggestions gratefully received, I think I shall be signing up shortly.

Hope all is well with you. 

Onwards and upwards xx

Well Orange is the new black is addictive a real treat to settle down to. I Google casted it to the big TV it was like my own private cinema. I also like that Scottish one set in the outer hebrides but I must admit sometimes I had to have the words at the bottom to understand them. A good tv series can set you up for the week. Indulge yourself as you can't do much else when you're under the weather.

Just wanted to send you some love Erin x