Hi all,

I found out last week that I have CC but I'm still waiting to find out what stage etc. I have a CT scan tomorrow and they already did an MRI.

My problem is that my husband is due to go on a trip away for a week on Saturday. I don't want him to miss it as it's been one of his life dreams, but what if I found out anything next week?

The logical part of me says he should go because CC is already going to change so much, but it's not like he's going to be a quick drive away. But if nothing happens and he stays he'll have missed this trip and lost money.


I've told him to make the decision himself. I know he is totally torn between wanting to be here for me but also having this dream trip. Would you tell him to stay or to go?


Thanks x

Really tough one. I doubt that treatment will start within a week. you need your ct, get results, have mdt meeting etc etc. 

so in all likelihood he will be back before it 'kicks off'

do your have a good support network? Can you cope with out him? Will you, in your heart of hearts resent him if he goes? Will he resent you if he stays? Will he truly enjoy himself with the worry? 

Sorry probably just given you a list of questions when you wanted answers. X

That's my thinking (although it would be nice if things hurried up a bit!)

we also have a toddler, but that'll be fine. Have good support but I guess I don't know who or what I'll need until I find out what's going on

^wouldn't let me finish!

i don't think I'd resent him, I want things to be as normal as possible. He said last night he'd stay and he said he wouldn't resent not going but I think he will.

But I guess he would be worrying about me!


What I do in these situations when I really cannot work out for myself which is the correct choice, is I flip a coin. If I am happy with the coin's choice then I go with it. If I am not happy with the coin's choice then I don't. The flipping of the coin seems to help me focus on the core issue.

Be lucky :-)


Thanks Tivoli. Found out today that I'll find out on Monday. 

Part of me wants him to go as he's been so looking forward to it and I think if he stays he'll resent it. The other part of me wants him around in case it's awful..