Holiday after treatment - possible?


Not to sure if anyone can help me.

Originally had holiday booked for July, but unfortunately this cannot happen. Gutted! But hayho this needs sorting first. But my holiday company have offered to change free of charge and I was thinking of booking October half term...

treatment should finish mid/end July. 

Am I being overly confident thinking I will be ok on October? Will my immune system cope with abroad water and bugs 

Thanks for any advice xx

Hi Locket

Firstly good luck with your treatment. I understand how disappointed you must feel to loose your holiday as this happened to me too but great that your holiday company are able to reschedule it for you.

I finished treatment at the end of September 2018 and 4 weeks after this had a weekend away in London then 3 months after I went to Spain, obviously everyone is different but it did me the world of good to get away, I was careful in that I knew the hotel had a good hygiene rating etc and managed lots of walking, my one mistake was not to have an aisle seat on the plane and was constantly having to move the poor person on the end so I could wee - it seemed to be much more frequent mid air for some reason. I then visited Spain 6 months post treatment and had an amazing time and am due to go to France in 4 weeks. I find emotionally it’s good to have something to look forward too, you could maybe ask your Nurse too if they feel your date is a good choice for you, good luck x