Hiya - newbie waiting for colposcopy and ultrasound after symptoms

Hiya I ve come accross this forum with all my googling!!

I have a history with colposcopy and biopsies due to hpv which had gone and smear last spring/summer (i think?) was all clear.

I am not on any contraception and havent been since november 14, my cycles are 23/24 days long and this is the third cycle where I have experienced Brown/pink spotting inbetween periods. The first two months I pushed it aside thinking i was ovulation spotting or hormones etc. But this cycle it started 2 days after period and has continued for nearly 2 weeks now.


Figuered this isnt right so saw the gp yestarday who is sending me for an ultrasound and back to colposcopy to check things out he reckons ill here from them in 2 weeks.


I also suffer from pain during my period on the lower left this has been checked with an ultrasound last year as the pain was awful but ovary is fine, the pain has calmed down alot from what it was and is more bearable with milder pain killers so i kinda just left things alone. endometriosis had been mentioned but i know the only was to be sure was to have a laproscopic surgery which i didnt see the need for as i was generally not too bad.


Anyway, if youve got this far thank you my brain is panic/overdrive mode now worried sick that i should have pursued things earlier.


D xx

<tried posting from my phone but it went haywire>


im just driving myself crazy now i swear im feeling new symptoms but think its just my brain playing tricks. I checked in my diary and my normal smear was january of last year, im just hoping that things cant go that bad that fast.

Hope everyone else is ok?

d x


I've been to Dr's and she's referred me for a Colposcopy. I explained everything in detail! Showed her the pic, she took a swab and said she's referring me for Colposcopy and i should hear from them in the next couple of weeks for an appointment!

I hate waiting! How long do you have to wait?

saw gp on monday he said i should hear something within 2 weeks so same as you, im guessing they are putting a bit of a rush in with it.


Had a better afternoon but have been busy, having a bit of pinching/stabbing pain in my pelvis somewhere feels deep and not constant. still spotting been definately 2 weeks now.