Hip/thigh pain

Hi all you lovely ladies,
I’m now almost 14 months out from treatment for 3C2, last MRI was November last year, and last internal was January. I’ve got my next check up with Oncologist next week. All has been okay apart from severe radiation damage to my colon which is causing anaemia. They are trying to decide what to do about it all as enemas didn’t help.
A few weeks ago i developed a strange pain on my lower left side that radiated into my hip and upper thigh. At the same time i had some really bad bleeding from my bottom so i thought it may be something to do with my colon being so damaged. It went away after a couple of days.
Last night the pain came back and i barely slept because of it. It’s a strange pain, that i can’t really describe, like a dull ache/throb that goes down my thigh. Of course it’s made me very paranoid and I’ll definitely say to my Oncologist. Has anyone else had anything similar after treatment?


Hey lovely. So I am 6 months out and the whole of my left side can have general aches and pains. Starts in my foot, travels up my legs and finishes in my chest: it comes and go. Had it last week and this week gone. That said if I make any sharp turns when walking that can set it off :sweat_smile:

My CSN said it might be a blood clot so went to A&E and after 4 hours where I had X-rays and bloods and a physical examination I was deemed health. I’ve got a GP appointment to discuss but the senior on all consultant said it might just be a side effect I live with and take a paracetamol for

Hi Lovely, thanks for replying. I spoke to my Oncologist last week about it and she doesn’t seem to concerned. She said if it was constant pain she’d be worried but as it comes and goes she’s not bothered. She has referred me to a “late effects” clinic because of the bowel issues.
On a positive note i am now 15 months from treatment and she examined me and all okay. She’s also put me on to 6 monthly appointments now. I did think that was a bit early for that but i guess i can always ask to be seen sooner if i have any concerns.
Its good they are taking it seriously and checking for blood clots. I had several blood clots in my lungs in different areas during treatment and
the pain was like nothing I’ve ever felt before! Hope you are keeping well xx

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