Hip problems

Hi guys

I saw a hip specialist this morning about  hip pain I've had since 6 weeks after my treatment finished in June. There is a large white area on the scan of my left hip which he says could be cancer, or  radiotherapy or chemo damage or something unrelated. The bone is swollen with fluid so sending me for full body bone scan and then will have a biopsy either under CT scan or in theatre. Has anyone else experienced anything like this ? Feeling anxious!




i have no experience with this but just wanted to say try not to think the worse. Good that they are sorting this out and you will get some answers. 


Hi Jooles,

Sorry to hear. It sounds like they are not really sure what it is , until they do further investigations. Hopefully you don't have to wait too long for the scans, biopsies and results. I hope you have the best possible outcome.

I have a 2cm thyroid cyst, which they monitor and have tried to biopsy a couple of times, but can't seem to get a diagnostic result. It doesn't light up on my initial pet scan but they said if it did become "avid",it would only have a 30 percent chance of being cancerous. Completely different I know, but just trying to say not every spot is cancer. 

I wish I could give better advice. Anxiety sucks. It's hard to not be anxious when you know what the tests can reveal. I think I'm developing a love/hate relationship with scans. I had post treatment pet scan today.

All the best xx