Hip pain?

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this? I have just had the most awful experience - I was shopping and suddenly had pain like a red-hot knife in my left hip. It was so sudden and bad I literally gasped out loud, and I consider myself to have a fairly high pain threshold after years of colitis and other problems. I started to sweat and hyperventilate and my breath was rasping- just from the pain. I had to abandon my shopping and leave. Getting into my car I thought I was going to pass out, then suddenly, as quickly as the pain arrived, it went. I just have a dull ache in both hips now.


To be honest I didn't read all the leaflets I was given and had no idea that radiotherapy can weaken your bones and cause blood supply problems. I am pretty shocked- so far I seem to be developing every side effect going and they withheld my chemo this week because of the severity of my symptoms. ( I still have 11 treatments to go,) they have asked me to stay in the hostel next to the hospital Mon- Thursday for the next two weeks as they are concerned I won't be able to finish the treatment with the horrendous 6 hrs daily travelling I have been enduring. The thought of the isolation, the lousy bed in the room and being away from my children just makes me want to cry .


i am so thoroughly fed up :(


I just wanted to send a hug. I've had a Rad Hyst and lymphectomy, and get pain in hip and leg, but for different reasons. I start radio and chemo in nexttwo weeks, and given my luck, I don't doubt I'll be picking up every side effect! You need to give your body time to rest, and 6 hour daily commute to have treatment is brutal. Mine will be two and I have already decided i need to think about the energy levels, and well being.

I like yo, have children, I don't want to be away from, but on the other hand, If you're quite poorly and sleeping lots, maybe in the short term, it would allow your body to recover more, then you could go home feeling like you can do more with kids. x

Thanks Sylvia. Not sure how much sleep I will get in the hostel as the beds are really crap, but not having the journey is a better prospect. How many radio and chemo are you getting? I think I am having the standard at 25 radiotherapy and 5 Chemo.the silly thing is I only live about 15 miles from the hospital- the time involved has been due to the vehicles picking up /dropping up to 7 other people at a time and me always being first picked up/last dropped off. I've been on hospital transport because of the pulmonary emboli I developed three days after being taken off the prophylacutic anticoagulant injections - at times I could hardly breathe if I tried to walk any distance at all and I wasn't deemed safe on public transport ( the very ivercrowded London Underground!)


good  luck with your treatment x

Hi Ostrich :-)

Sorry to read this. I just wanted to give you a little reassurance, I had to spend my whole five weeks of treatment in a hostel because of the journey and it was actually really nice. If the beds aren't too clever you could take along a duvet maybe to put under you? To soften the blow so to speak. I did get to go home at weekends mind. Perhaps if it's only fifteen miles away then your family can come and visit you in the evenings? Just a thought.

Be lucky :-)

I have the same treatment as you, then brachytherapy 

Tivoli, I can't take much because of carrying it. Unfortunately I have seen the room and bed and both are really manky :no duvet, just a sheet and counterpane.


My family can't visit because of the time it would take to get to me and my oldest both work long hours so wouldn't be able to get my youngest home early enough for school the next day. London is a nightmare at the moment.


I am in a lot of pain today - the whole of my pelvic girdle . So worried now I've rea about the damage that can be caused, as my bones are already weakened due to being on high doses of steroids in my early, then late 80's /90's.