hip and back pain niggles

Hi ladies

Looking for some advice and hopefully resassurance.

A bit of background.  I was diagnosed with cc 1B1, grade 3 in January. Had trachelectomy in Feb.  All 19 lymph nodes clear and no sign of cc in the tissue removed.  Turns out they got it all in my Lletz which was carried out in December.

For the past few weeks I have had weird pains in my right hip and buttock.  I can't pinpoint it to an exact area and it comes and goes.  I was a good girl  - I resisted the urge to stick my head in the sand and rang my nurse to tell her...... and they want to see me on Monday.  I am obviously worried.  Can anyone tell me what to expect?  Has anyone experienced anything like this either related to treatment, cc or completely unrelated?

I'm staying fairly calm as I know it could be a million and one things, but curious if anyone has expereinced similar.  Just feels like i'm back in the waiting game :( 

Sounds a little like siatica. I had it after my operation and it was so painful!!. But if not I am now over a year post op (from a trachelectomy too) and I still get aches and pains for no reason. If you do some heavy lifting, do something in a funny position it can tweak and hurt. I was told you body takes around a year to heal internally things sprain and pull easily. It is good to get it checked out but it doesn't sound like anything to worry about. 

Also it has only been a week, my nurse said anything that hurts longer that 3 weeks should be checked out. We do stuff to our bodies all the time, we are just on high alert for ached and pains after what we have been through (understandibly so)


Another prospective my BF had neck ache for 6 weeks, finally went to the doctor and he said that it is just a pulled muslce that is taking time to heal. I know it is easy for us to thing the worst but it is usually something a lot less simular. 



Hi there,

I had similar earlier this year. Frightened the living daylights out of me. Had a scans etc and turned out to be a herniated disk. Youve done the right thing in getting it checked out. 


Hi Nellie, It's not everyone's thing but a good osteopath can help with all sorts of post-op things- mine was my saviour. No clicking or crunching, just gentle pressure. Helped with pains also explaining my recovery to me. They are v well trained and have a different and more holistic view to a medical person. I'm rather evangelical about it. Something to consider after seeing nurse? 

Best of luck for Monday.


Hi Ladies, just a quick update...

The consultant has had a prod and a poke today and thinks all is fine.  He's going to send me for an MRI to be on the safe side - which i'm glad about, but he thinks it's probably muscular!  They said I have healed 'beautifully' and even had a junior doctor take a look to see how nicely it had all healed.  It's funny how having a load of people staring up your lady parts and exclaiming 'ooooo look at that' becomes completely normal!!!!  Anyway I will report the results when I have them and in the meantime i'll check out local osteopaths - thanks for the advice and reasurrance as always ladies.

N xxxx

Forgot to update on this - all clear on MRI!  phew x