Hints and tips for my Lletz


Hi everyone :)

I’m 26, and following my first smear test I found out I had abnormal cell changes.

After a Colposcopy and biopsy I have been referred for a Lletz under GA....... on Thursday!!

Understandably I am slightly terrified of the whole thing. I’m very scared but also feeling very relived an end is in sight.

It so draining and scary, everything that comes with this - bleeding after sex, waiting for results, remembering to ask lots of questions,  explaining things to your boss and friends, uncomfortable hospital appointments!! It’s very easy to feel alone even when you are surrounded by amazing family and friends.

I was just wondering if anyone had any helpful hints, tips and advice for the procedure and the recovery period??

I’ve just treated myself to a snuggly new pair of PJ's, some fluffy slippers and a seemingly endless supply of PJ tips!!

.... ... ... I’m sure that will help :)


Some of the posts on this forum have already helped me so much and given me more confidence.

It is so amazing to see women supporting each other through this. Thank you to you all!


Lots of Love

Kate xxxxx


Hey Princesskate

I had my first ever smear test this year at 25 and it was abnormal. I had to have the colposcopy and I had the Lletz procedure last friday under general anesthetic. I can honestly say the nurses were amazing and made me feel so much at ease as I was terrified about the whole procedure. After the op they give you a information letter on what you could expect and how to take care of yourself. 

I got signed off for one week. And its been 4 days since my operation and I have had barely any cramping, bleeding or any other horrible experience. The only thing I have had is slightly heavy, watery discharge which is a bit orange tinged ( sorry graphic info)


So honestly please do not try to worry because I did this and I feel fine after my treatment. Just waiting on my results now!!



Thanks Stacey,

That is so reassuring to hear! Everyone tells you it will be fine but it is nice to hear it from someone who has been through the same thing.

My procedure is on Thursday and I’m back to work on Monday, do you think I will need more time off?

Glad to hear you are recovering well, good luck with your results!!!

Kate xxx