High risk positive for HPV ?

Hi everyone ! 

ive bot been on here for so long and I'm now finding myself scrolling through the forum looking for some advice so I'm hoping someone may answer as I'm driving myself crazy .

Cutting a long story short , I Had CC stage 1a1 in 2014 which was treated 2xloop and 1xcone biopsy age 24. I have since had 2 children and smears have been clear. 

however my latest result shows that I am high risk positive for HPV but smear fine with no cell changes . Due to history they want to review my plan and will discuss it in hospital on the 17th of may . I presume as to how they want to monitor me or any other options ? 

has anyone been in this situation and did it then develop to cancer again ? Did the hospital offer hysterectomy to reduce chances ? I would of been offered this before but due to not having children I did not want to go down that route I happily would now . 

I think I'm possibly over thinking things but I can't help but worry and it will be ages before I know what's happening . 

apologises to anyone that's going through so much more than me I know there will be many people out there . 

thank you 




Hi Katie

I had a LLETZ procedure in 2007, had normal smears every year for 5 years after.

In 2018 I had a smear I was high risk HPV no abnormal cells, the same in 2019 and they told me to wait another year as the HPV could cure itself.

In January 2020 I went to the doctors with abnormal bleeding and was diagnosed with 1B1 adenocarcinoma in April.

Depending on where you are in the UK they have only started testing for HPV from 2018 so you may have been positive for HPV prior to this and it not been picked up. I've found out since my diagnosis that smears can appear normal in 20% of women but they will still have cervical cancer, my cancer had grown up and not picked up on the smears.

The 17th of May seems a long way off, is there any way you could push to get seen sooner or see if you can get a biopsy done privately?

Sending you loads of love



Thank you so much for replying and sorry to hear you've been through so much. 
i got my result over the phone the receptionist read the letter to inform me I still haven't received the letter yet as I thought it might be clearer when I receive it . She did say that the 17th was the earliest date for them to discuss this as the April meeting at hospital is full already . 
Ive thought about going private and given what you've said I might consider this just for peace of mind and as it does worry me a lot that it's going to come back . I might try phone the hospital back and ask to speak with the sister there and see what she says too. 

thanks again for replying 

lots of love 


Hi Katie, How did your appointment go? Hope all well x