High risk hvp an Cin2+

Hi I’m new to the forum an just found out yesterday I have Cin2+. I had a smear in July of 2019 an it was clear of anything an when I went for my smear in may of this yr in came back positive for high risk hvp an abnormal cells. I had a colposcopy an it was positive for Cin2. I have to sit down with my Dr next week for treatment plan. How is it that it gets to that stage in 2 yrs or sooner that fast? But they tell you not to worry it takes yrs before it turns into anything bad. I dont know what to think.

Hello yes it can go from nothing to Cin2 or 3 in 2 years it happened to me also but as far as I understand for a majority of people it takes many years between 10 to 15 to develop into cancer and some just never end up developing into cancer, but doctors need to treat it as they don’t know which ones will. but of course there is some people that develop cancer in a lot less than 15 years. Yours was caught on time don’t worry is not cancer. They may recommend Lletz treatment to remove the bad cells,treatment was totally painless for me and is about 90 % efficient. Good luck with your doctor next week try not to worry to much I know easier said than done .:hugs::hugs:

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Hi Hops 1 when I went to see my Dr he said they treat a cin11 as a cin11 3 now so he said there is no wiggle room an suggested a sleep procurdure that I actually got today. I was scared to death. He gave me two pills to take before I got there to try an help with anxiety an in did. It was as bad as I thought it would be. My legs shock the whole time. The smell of him cutting the piece of my cervix off was so bad. He showed me how big it was. In was a nice Chuck I hope he got in all. Should hear something in a week he says. I pray its over buy still having a high risk hvp I worry it will come back an come back worse. I’ve had it almost 2 yrs I’m guessing.

Hi! I had the exact same situation as you, last smear (before my most recent) was clear then this most recent one was HPV positive with changes. My colposcopy found I had CIN2 also, my gyno said he’s seen it plenty of times. It does not make you more “prone” to it turning into CC if that’s what your thinking- because it’s exactly what I thought lol he assured me it would be okay and we would take care of it. Reassuring but of course I’m still nervous about the whole thing because who wouldn’t be!

I had my appointment with him Monday to go over my biopsy results where he explained it was simply CIN2 and I would need LEEP to remove. So I have my pre appointment on the 27th, LEEP on the 29th.

I know it feels so worrisome, confusing, and at times just plain terrifying. But on a positive note, is was only CIN2 that they’ve found for you and it is treatable :slight_smile: the people on this forum are wonderful and offer amazing advice!

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