high risk hpv with normal smear

hi all i am so hoping someone can be of some help in 1999 i had cin2 with leep then yearly smears after all normal till 2009 cin1 leep again yearly smears normal just had latest smear normal with high risk hpv refferel to coloscopy and i have read some horror stories on other sites i am hoping someone can be of some help i am so frightned thanks mariexx

Hi Hun, 

Back in 1999 when you had the CIN 2 you would most likely of had the HPV virus already and that's what caused the CIN 2 changes. This was obviously treated like you said in 1999, then it recurred few years later into CIN 1 of which was treated again In 2009. All of these cervical changes etc would be down to the fact you have the HPV virus and as far as I understand it, once you have the HPV virus your body controls it and sometimes clears it which your body has seemed to of done from 1999 up until 2009 and once again from 2009 up until now. 

The hpv testing only started in certain parts of the UK In 2012 though, so this is why you wouldn't have really been told about it before. They would have tested your last smear for hpv. With the fact that its normal yet hpv positive I think you may go back for a colpscopy to make sure they can't see any more CIN. Hopefully your body will kick the hpv back out and fight it back off as you have done before :) If you smoke it helps get rid of the hpv if you were to quit, iv quit because i heard it helps. Also heathy diet and folic acid helps new cells to form (somthing like that) haha. hope your ok xxx

thankyou so much for taking the time to reply i do no this was the first time they have tested me for the hpv and if they hadnt done it would of still been on yearly smears cos of the normal result i am totaly fed up of it all i beat myself up thinking could i have been safer in my younger years  thanks hun xx