High risk HPV - telling sexual partners

Hey everyone.

I’m new to the forum, just received news this week that I have high risk HPV and cell changes. I’ve been referred for a colposcopy next month - feeling pretty anxious about that!

I was wondering how everyone handled their love life with this news? I’ve just started dating a really lovely guy after being single for a year and a half since I lost my dad to cancer last year. I finally got back in to dating and have got this news…

We haven’t slept together yet but I feel I should tell him as HPV can cause other cancers and he could be sleeping with other people??

Any advice on how others have handled this would be greatly appreciated!


I have the same issue.
I have started seeing someone and he is really important to me.
Our relationship is moving forward but I am anxious to talk to him about this even though we can talk easily to one another