High risk HPV +, low grade dyskariosis and symptoms

Hi everyone,

I have been diagnosed with high risk HPV positive, low grade dyskariosis and have got symptoms since december now… I ve been on my period since then, and bleeding after sex every time. Was thinking is was because of my contraception but the doctor decided to do the cervical test just in case, turns out it’s positive. I ve been refered directly to a colposcopy, and they got me an appointment two weeks later so really quickly, and this have been stressing me out even more knowing that some people have been waiting for a long time to have an appointment? I am quite scared because I don’t know anyone that had the same situation, often people don’t have any symptoms… have someone been in my situation?
Thanks for your replies in advance xx

Hey, so sorry you’re going through this - it’s horrible isn’t it!

So my situation is slightly different to yours i haven’t had any symptoms but i did get my results as HPV+ with low grade changes like yours! My colposcopy was booked in for just over 3weeks wait from when i got my smear results - i really wouldn’t worry to much about the time frame i think they have a thing for anyone experiencing symptoms they have to been seen within a 2week time frame!

Do let me know how you get on at colposcopy!! The waiting is dreadful and i’m so anxious but i have heard these results are actually more common than you think! Doesn’t make it any less scary though! All the best:)

Hi @v_08

I appreciate how scary all of this is and its completely natural to think the symptoms we are experiencing is due to our abnormal pap but that is geniunely not the case, nothing from your smear sample indicates your symptoms are down to this

Low grade dyskaryosis is usually indicates we have CIN1 and although a CIN its not seen as a true precancer unless it persists or progresses to a higher grade, it usually goes away on its own and isnt normally treated as it has a high regression rate… both CIN and HPV doesnt have any symptoms, especially not changes that are classed as low and CC itself doesnt cause symptoms until its at an advanced stage… if they happened to find worse than CIN at your appointment, there would need to be a huge F up somewhere

I was on a 12 month follow up, where i started heavy and irregular bleeding, naturally i convinced myself of the worst… my cells had progressed to CIN3 within that time however neither my GP or 3 gynaecologists (one i asked recently) put my bleeding down to my abnormalities, in their words “CIN has absolutely no symptoms there is no indication CIN is present until we do cytology” but it was put down to a cervical ectropion… coincidently my bleeding went back to normal after my LLETZ, 2 months later they went haywire again and im still no further forward with whats causing it, my 6 month follow up after treatment was negative for HPV so they have ruled out CC xx