HIGH-RISK HPV GONE - A Positive Story

Hello. I thought I’d share my story for anyone going through something similar, as I found this forum incredibly helpful.

Following a routine smear in early 2021, abnormal cells were detected, and after a colposcopy it was confirmed that I had high-risk hpv/CIN1. I knew next to nothing about hpv and was told by the doctors that I didn’t need to do anything, that the body can clear it within a year to two years.

Last summer, around the 18-month mark, the hpv was still very much present and persistent, and I felt helpless and anxious that it wouldn’t shift on its own. I didn’t want to sit around and wait for it to go away of its own accord. I began looking into it, discovered this forum and learned from others about Papilocare and AHCC tablets. I then did some research online, talked to my doctor, and from August 2022 started Papilocare gel treatment and AHCC supplement tablets.

By Feb 2023 (within six months) my colposcopy showed that the hpv was clearing up. And then six months later in Aug 2023, the high-risk hpv is no longer detected. I can’t explain the relief.

For anyone who’s feeling helpless and doesn’t know what to do, where to start, this is what I did:

  • I took three AHCC tablets a day for a year. (I took Kinoko Platinum AHCC, 750mg which you can buy online). They are very expensive (I realise how fortunate I am to have been able to take them for a year) so you might want to take them every few days. In my last appt, my doctor mentioned that some women had mentioned Irish Purple Sea Moss was effective (they’re much cheaper to buy and you can get them from shops like Holland and Barrett) though I haven’t tried it myself.

  • I also took multivitamins, plus Vit D, Vit B and Folic Acid tablets every day.

  • I used Papilocare vaginal gel for 8 months. (I noticed that with the gel there is some mild skin irritation, but thrush ointment sorts it.)

  • I drank green tea every other day sporadically for a few months.

I think both the Papilocare and AHCC helped me get rid of the high risk. You can find info online on their efficacy which I’d recommend reading up on to decide for yourself. While the NHS doesn’t officially promote and prescribe AHCC or Papilocare, they didn’t disregard or discourage me from trying, and even mentioned that the Papilocare gel is more effective than the oral tablets.

I hope my story helps even one person as I know just how stressful and anxious it can be. I found this forum so so useful - hearing similar stories made me feel less alone and without it I don’t think I would’ve learned of these treatments.


Congratulations! You must be thrilled to have not only cleared your CIN1 but also the HPV itself.

I have a question, I have been using Papilocare for just over two months. I re-read the leaflet and realised I was using it once every day including month 2 and 3 whereas the leaflet says from month 2 to do every other day

I am not sure why this is but I was just wondering what regime you used for it? Thanks :heart:

Funnily enough, I did the same thing in month 2! Didn’t think they made that fully clear in the leaflet. But I switched to every other day after that point.

It doesn’t specify how long you can take it for though - the leaflet mentions six months but I wondered if it might be okay to continue, say if you still had CIN. I used it for another two months before stopping, but I think it would be worthwhile if they made that clear - my doctor didn’t know when I asked her.

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Hi nbanon
Thats great news,i have been taking ahcc but as you said it is very expensive,i have just been googling the purple iriah sea moss but i cant find specifically the purple irish sea moss,do you perhaps have a link for this?
:blush: thanks

I think this is the one, though as mentioned I haven’t used it myself. Good luck! Would be great to know what you think of it in the long run as this could be a more affordable alternative to the AHCC.

I believe I saw that one study of it had been done that extended the treatment to a year but I can’t find any details.

I think all I was worried about was that in my head using it every day for months would be better somehow however may be there is a reason the manufacturer says to only use it alternating days after the first month. Confusing!

Hi . I have a question about the vitamins if I get the multivitamin still I get vitamin d and B and acid folic?

I think it’s up to you really or talk to a pharmacist. They say that multivitamins should cover everything so you don’t need the individual vitamins as well. But I decided to take Vit D, Vit B and Folic Acid tablets on top of the multivits - I told myself I’d stop if I noticed any adverse effects.

Ok I can try like that. Thank you .Your story helps me a lot.