High Risk HPV & cell changes xx

Hello everyone, unfortunately I’ve not had a smear for 5 years (due to Covid) plus I had put off my reminders. I finally had my smear on 8 March and when I was on holiday my daughter said there was a letter that looked like a hospital appointment. The letter was an appointment for a colcoscopy 6 days after the GP letter was sent!
I have high risk HPV and cell changes. I was still on holiday when the colcoscopy appointment was due so they arranged another within 7 days again.

Has anyone else had a colcoscopy appointment so quick? A few people have said they waited months?

Thanks for reading. Ps my appointment is Friday xxx

Only just seen this, but yes mine was quick. It is not necessarily indicative of anything untoward. Just be pleased they are efficient. I know it’s easier said then done, but try not to worry. You will know more after the colposcopy, and I found it to be a very straightforward procedure, so hopefully yours will go as smoothly. Thinking if you today and all the best x

I had a smear last year and came back positive for high risk but normal pap. They wanted me to do a colposcopy but i taoked to a mew obgyn and told me to do it at the year mark. I just did that on May 25th. They called me yesterday and said the same exacg results so they want me to schedule one right away because im trying to get pregant. I was told that women over 30 now have to have a colposcopy if they test postive for high risk strains.

I had my letter and 2hrs later the hospital called me, that was on a Saturday, they booked me in fir thst Wednesday. I was in shock if I’m honest and cried a lot down the phone, but im glad it was so soon, it didnt give me much time to google and scare myself silly. Try not to worry they will take good care of you x

Hi thanks for replying. I had my colcoscopy and the consultant said the cells are pre cancerous and did the loop biopsy with a local anaesthetic he also took a biopsy of my womb. I had to ask him about 4 times is he sure pre cancerous and he said yes. Now just waiting for the results xxx