High risk hpv but clear smear

I have recently had my 6month check up after having my CIN2 removed. The results came back clear which is great but the letter states that I have high risk hpv and will need another review in the clinic. I haven't been.given a date yet but I'm just curious to know if anyone knows what the review would involve? Does this mean another check up down below? Or just a chat. Has anyone else had this or willing to share there experience. Also can I find out what high risk strains it could be? 

Thank you for reading, looking forward to some response as.I'm confusedand I can't really find anything about having a review for high risk hpv.

Xx .

Hi there

Had the same diagnosis in  September following LLETZ for CIN 3. Clear smear but HPV present. I was sent for another colposcopy /review. All was fine and everything looked healthy . It was just the same procedure as before, with the same registrar . She has discharged me back to 3 year smears. the HPV is something I will always have in my system apparently, tho I do hear mixed reviews that it can be cleared from the system. I hope this helps x