High risk HPV/ASCUS new and terrified

hi ladies!im from the U.S. But found this site great! a few days ago I received a call 2 weeks after my yearly smear that is was high risk HPV and had atypical cells (mild) and need colpo in 4 days. I'm 36, mother of 3 married for 15 years. I believe I had this long ago and now due to horrible stress, It became active. I had no idea about HPV and I'm doing research non stop. Here are some questions that would be amazing If answered: 

1. How likely can diagnosed go from mild to CIN 2-3??

2. do any of you have genital warts as well? I had no info on HPV so when I googled it warts! Wart! Warts! To my horror. I was told I have the high risk HPV and wasn't told the doctor suspected anything else but still so terrified (panic attacks)

3. How does high risk HPV affect men?

4. what are your thoughts and opinions on strengthening your immune system and supplements for healing instead of going straight for procedures??

thank you soooo much


1, the smear is generally pretty accurate but colposcopy more so. I've heard of people going from 1 to 2 and also being downgraded. There's not usually a big jump though.

2. Genital warts is caused by a completely different strain of HPV and that strain does not cause pre cancerous changes and is classed as low risk. There are lots and lots of HPV strains. The ones that might progress to cancer are considered high risk HPV. over 80% of the population has some form of HPV so it is incredibly common. It can also be contracted even when you use condoms and can lay dormant for years.

3. Men tend to clear the virus and not have any problems, in very, very rare cases it's has been known to cause penile cancer and throat cancer in men.

4. Strengthening your immune system is a great idea although having been through a cervical cancer diagnosis myself i would never go against doctors advice to try and get rid of it Myself. HOWEVER if your colposcopy shows cin 1 the doctors VERY often watch and wait and if you get your immune system up you can clear it. A friend of mine did this over 3 months. She stopped smoking, ate more veg, exercised, meditated and took vitamins. 

hope that helps

N x