High risk hpv and condoms

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I had a cervical screening aug 2020 which come back with hpv positive but no cell changes. This year it has come back with hpv positive and low grade cell changes.

I am just wondering how a high risk strain can cause hpv on the cervix if you use condoms because that part of the skin is covered when it hits your cervix during the sex?

Please look at the section on the HPV virus on the Jo’s Trust main pages. Some strains of the HPV virus, in an infected person, cause abnormal cells to develop in the cervical tissues. This happens all on it’s own - if you are infected with the virus you do not ever need to have sex again for it to cause changes - condoms or otherwise! If you are HPV positive and your immune system has not thrown off the virus, then you are at risk of cell changes, period. Changes do not come because of activity, but because the virus is there, doing it’s job living on - the host…

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Here is the link to the HPV information pages: