High risk HPV and abnormal cells but now also bleeding

I got a letter a week ago from my smear test telling me I had abnormal cells and high risk HPV, and I’ve already been really anxious lately but I was trying to be sensible about it but was a bit worried because my last bleed on the pill had a lot of clots but I thought that was maybe because I take the pill continously (combined pill) and had covid at the time so tried not to worry. But now I’ve started spotting and had a bleed after sex which I’ve never had before so I’m going mad I don’t think I can bear waiting another 2 weeks for my appointment and then wait even longer for results and tests and more treatment.

Let’s hope there’s a simple explanation, Cordelia. In the meantime, make a note of everything including any other symptoms you may not think are related - but waiting is the name of the game, I’m afraid - and something we all have to get used to. The important thing is not to keep dwelling on ‘what ifs’ and DO NOT go to Dr Google for advice - because there lies madness. You cannot self-diagnose using Google. Two weeks is not long, and I hope you’re through the COVID now - it can have some funny affects on people. X

Hello I had treatment for CIN3 and I had bleeding after sex for about 1 year before my diagnosis
I ignored it thinking was nothing and with Covid going on it was just something that I just choose not to
deal with at the time really regret it now, but anyway it was only CIN3 not cancer . Some people have irregular bleeding with CIN it doesn’t always mean the worst. Try not to worry good luck for your appointment.

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