High risk dyskaryosis HPV and confirmed lymph nodes in groin +

HiHi there looking for some advice unawares how to feel to be honest... I’m 36 4 children had my first abnormal smear test 10 months ago as u know there’s a process in between back and forth to doctors with one things and another! Lethargic lump/s in groin leg stomach fobbed off to the max! Went for 2nd re test nurse said I may have infection as she could see excessive discharge... so swab and no smear. Results = no infectionso re book smear told her recently excessive discharge is normal. Nurse took smear in which she told me was lots of bloody so would propbabkt be inadequate so would have to go to hospital.

Mentally prepared untill letter arrives saying high risk dyskaryosis with HPV and I need a colposcopy...


que panick but spoke to friend who had same and was like oh ok this can happen! Untill I get an urgent referral from the hospital for a scan on the previous problems I’ve been having! Attend scan and she tells me the lymph nodes in my groin leg and stomach are all up... 

ive also been comparing of the same problem pain in my neck! 

Que absolute panick tryna not to hit I can’t help it!ive for my colonoscopy Friday coming and I’m just in a spin! 


Please somebody reassure me they’ve had the same and all’s been a painic for nothing ;(