High grade

I go for a colposcopy in the morning it says that I have high grade abnormal cells. I had my first smear 3 years ago and it was ok, why has it jumped to high grade?? Any ideas ? is this bad? Is it more likley to be cancerous? It says they will probably take biopsy and treat me then. has this happened to anyone? Any advice is much appreciated! 

Also do you think I should take someone? My husband wants to come but I'm an "independant" woman and said he dosnt need to come??? He worries about everything and I'm worrying but end up feeling I need to be strong for him?



im sorry u are going through this it's so worrying & difficult. I also had high grade changes after years of normal results. I don't know why the changes happen so quickly & the consultant I saw didn't seem to be able to answer that either but from researching a little & looking on here it does seem to be pretty common. I have been told that high grade changes are not cancer but pre cancerous cell changes that if severe will need treatment to remove them. I had my colposcopy & LEETZ treatment on the same day but I think it varies depending on trusts & what they see?im not an expert at all & although my consultant has been very positive it is a very worrying time...I guess that's the unknown & everyone seems to agree that waiting for results is terrible. I can tell u that for me the treatment was no way near as bad as I had expected. It was indignified & uncomfortable but not painful and was over very quickly. I have had some bleeding & discomfort afterwards but it's much like a heavy period for me. In the first few days I had some very watery discharge but again it seems that this is normal. I am a very anxious person but if I wasn't I would be very reassured by the doctor telling me that it is very rare for severe changes to be cancer & usually ( he said in 90% of cases the lletz treatment is successful). I took my mum with me but she stayed in the waiting room ( i didn't like the idea of her seeing me in such a indignified state) but it was nice to have her there to talk to afterwards. I hope it all goes ok for u...this site has really helped me xxxx


i too had high grade cin3 it was discovered a few weeks ago following my miscarriage when I went for d and c . I was referred straight away for a colposcopy. I was expecting them to be lasered off or something similar. But instead I have to have a general anaesthetic and surgery. The abnormal cells are in my cervix but I also have a growth in my vagina. Has anyone else had this? I'm really worried because the two consultants are deciding on what surgery would be best. I have a 5 year old girl already and I definitely want more children. I'm terrified but deep down I have a bad feeling because bad things always seem to come my way in relation to my health .....

Thank you for your support, just waiting now till 11am for the dreaded appointment! I will post a comment following the procedure to let you know how it went!! X

I'm sure the doctors will decide exactly what is needed to enable you to have more children and resolve the problem of the growth etc. I hope you do not have to wait long as the waiting is so difficult isnt it xx

Hi Christine,

I'm a bit like you and find having my husband at appointments adds to my stress, especially if there's an examination or treatment. Not sure why, maybe I want to protect him and/or maybe he's a bit of a distraction.

I leave him at home now, although I know he'd come with me if I asked. I know it can make him feel a bit left out, although there is nothing he can actually do.  I actually find telling him about it afterwards quite a good way to process what's gone on, and I tell him that helps me.

It can get a bit lonely doing it all on your own though and during my treatment I had a couple of girlfriends on standby who make me a cup of tea and let me talk and snivel without trying to 'fix' anything, the way men sometimes do.

At the end of the day you need to do whatever works for you. Put yourself first and do what feels right.

Best of luck with the appointment. Hugs x

Well just got out of appointment, I had 4 injection into the cervix to numb the area, legs shake loads and is totally uncontrollable! Felt a bit light headed after but that soon went. It's wearing off now feels a bit achy and made me feel tired. They said it was moderate to severe, tuck a bit away for biopsy, should get results in two weeks. another smear in 6 month if ok don't need them for 3 yrs, but if abnormal may need it doing again! Doctors and nurses really nice could not fault them in anyway. ended up going by myself and it was fine X

HHi booked in for surgery next week. I still don't know what they are doing exactly. But I do know il be in for a few days ? Any ideas anyone?