high grade - terrified.

I am 28 and had my second smear test a couple of weeks ago. My first 3 years ago was okay.  My mum received a phone call today from the local women's hospital, they had tried to call me this week but hadn't been able to get hold of me. They told that I needed to go in on Monday to the colcoscopy unit. I tried to call them but couldn't get much sense or info out of the person on the phone and she wouldnt let me speak to a nurse. I only know what a colcoscopy is because a friend has had to have a few of them. No one has a even told me I will be having one, they just said to go in but I assume I am! I also have no idea what level my cell might be at. I'm very worried. I haven't had any abnormal  bleeding but I have felt a little pain for the last couple of weeks in my lower left abdomen so now I am worried that is something to do with it but haven't read anywhere that that is a symptom. When I had my smear I had only finished my period a day or 2 before and the nurse said it wasn't really the right time to do it and it could show as abnormal, but she did it anyway as I was there. Is it possible that this could Be the reason??  I am just so worried I'm going to go and they will find severe changes or worse,  is it normal.for them to contact by phone as I thought they would just write to me even if it was abnormal?! Thanks for any words of assurance or explanation of what is going to happen when i go in xx


I wrote the above last night.  I have now jut opened my letter and it says high grade. I am absolutely terrified. How is got to high grade in 3 years??? Someone please help. I am petrified it could be cancer. This little pain I have had is worrying me so much. 

Your story sounds the same as mine :) 

high grade with hpv +? 

its such a worrying time and all the waiting is horrible but I think for cancer to develop it takes a long long time. And as your up to date with your smears it would be extremely early days of it was.

i know exactly how your feeling right now I'm still waiting for my LLETZ results to come back and until then I'm going to continue to be a wreck :D 

it seems like it's such a long process but at least you don't have the initial wait for colposcopy, that in itself isn't too bad and they can give you a heads up on what they see IF they see anything and IF you ask :)


when I had mine she said I had two areas which showed up white under the acid solution and I then had 4 biopsys taken (they weren't too bad at all) the worry is worse than the actual appointment :)

good luck xx

Thank you so much for your reply, it's so Worrying. My letter didn't say hpv, but said high grade. I just didn't expect it,just have not thought it could get to high grade in 3 years since my last one. I just hope it doesn't mean anything worse. I hope all goes well for you. Xxxx

my doctor received a more in depth letter to what I received I would suggest calling them and at least you will know what to expect when you go :)

my last smear was normal and this one was abnormal and mine too is high grade now.

its so difficult to get your head around but once you have had your appointment things will be a bit clearer. They do that job everyday and i believe they know exactly what they are looking at so don't be afraid to ask.

best of luck please let me know how you get on :)


I'm going in Monday morning so I may as well wait until then now. I've not been able to think of anything else all weekend. I know a few people who have had to go in for colposcopies and biopsies but none of them seem to know if their letter said they were high grade or not. I will let you know, thank you for your support xx

I have to say none of the letters I have recieved have said anything apart from that I will require more treatment. Not even my biopsy result letter said it was CIN3/ high grade or even what treatment I would receive! the hospital said the letters they send are really basic as some people don't like to know !!!!! Not sure who these people are lol!

anyway Good Luck not long to wait now :)

your welcome it's nice to talk to people who are going through the same thing xx

Yeah I'm not sure if I would have preferred the letter not to tell me or not!! Different places must do it differently. I've spoken to a friend of mine who is a doctor and she has calmed me down a bit and explained it all a bit more to me. I guess you go through life hoping you won't have any health scares or problems and when it does happen it's very scarey. I suffered with health anxiety in my early 20's...I was always creating issues in my head, but managed to get myself out of that. So this is an actual real problem now and I'm not great at handling it. I admire people who are so strong and together! Anyway, fingers crossed it's not too bad....will be glad to get tomorrow out of the way. Thanks again xx

Hi Mands hope you are okay today! My update as promised... I went to my appointment and she told me it was severe dyskaryosis and hpv. I cried! The nurse was brilliant though and assured me it wasn't cancer. She performed a loop excision there and then to remove it.  So fingers crossed that is it. I have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for results and I'm a bit confused about what results I'm actually waiting for! She mentioned a few things that could come up and mean I have to go back but said it's all quite rare. All being well I will go back in 6 months for another smear. It's all been very scary but I feel much better now. How are you? Are you currently waiting for results for something?  

Oh coribec hope it wasn't too bad :( I found mine horrid. Yes I'm day 10 of waiting to hear about mine . They check what they have removes to confirm what cin and that the margins are clear (that they got it all) and that there wasnt any cancerous cells inside etc. but if she seemed positive she got it all that's great :) 

whilst I was having mine she kept looking at the other lady and I too cried but I found it incredibly uncomfortable, I was a wreak lol! She said if she didn't get it id have the same process done again! mine didn't sound quite so positive as your colposcopy laday :)

thanks for letting me know I've actually been looking for updates this morning :)

hopefully not long and will both get our results 

well done :)


It certainly wasn't pleasant but I didn't find it too bad. Feeling a bit sore now though.  She was really good and reassuring but whether she was just doing that so I didn't cry more I don't know! Fingers crossed for both of us, even if we have to go back and it's not quite the ideal outcome, hopefully it won't be too much more. I'm still in shock as to how it's got to severe since my last smear was clear, I have a friend who has had CIN 1 for years! But she said if the hpv virus is there then it can happen quite quickly...but still a long time to become cancerous. I'm just so glad I went for my smear and didn't leave it longer. 

Hope you're okay and keep me posted x



Oh I feel the same. I've been with my partner now for 7 years so have had this 'hpv' for 7 years but only the last 3 it's caused any abnormal cells. Hopefully our next smears (after this is over) shows the virus has gone :)

they see it day in day out and are probably so used to the tears. I really really hope I don't have to have it again. not sure I could physically walk myself in there again knowing what was going to happen, may need to take somebody with me instead of a nurse ha. Anyway I will keep you posted definitely :) 


keep busy 




I had my first smear recently and received a letter Friday saying I have abnormalities. 


I am booked in tomorrow at the Colposcopy Clinic and am petrified but reading your posts has helped! 


I hope everything goes okay for you x

Oh good luck, the colposcopy isn't bad at all :)


its so so reasurring to read others have been thro the same



Oh good luck, the colposcopy isn't bad at all :)


its so so reasurring to read others have been thro the same



Oh good luck, the colposcopy isn't bad at all :)


its so so reasurring to read others have been thro the same



Aw bless you it sounds like you had a really bad experience with it. Hopefully you won't have to think about that but if you did it might not be so bad doing it again....taking someone would be a good idea! And explain to them why it was bad last time and they might be able change something. Anyway..hopefully we won't come to that. After calming down I've managed to scare myself again by reading about women who have had repeated high grade smears after treatment....but I always do this to myself!! Need to just deal with it as it happens.  Xx

Oh and jaime, don't worry...I got myself in a right state but it isn't bad at all. And my experience with the loop excision  (what they may do if your cells are high grade) wasn't bad either. The nurse will calm your worries as well. Xxx

How are you feeling today? No results in yet no is good news as they say lol xx

Hiya, I went to work this morning feeling fine but as he day went on I got more exhausted and had a bit of headache. Just generally felt a bit off. Normally I'm at a desk all.all day but sods law today I had to walk around the building for an hour giving  something out to staff. It wasn't exactly strenuous but I didn't feel great after! How were you the day after yours? Ah the waiting is not good is it...I can see myself starting to worry again in the next few weeks lol. X

Thank you. 

I've been today and similar to you the nurse assured it wasn't cancer and I had the loop excision. They said what has been removed will be sent for testing to check it has all been removed and I think that it was I will be waiting for now the results from that? Is that right? 

If all is okay I go back in 6months for a smear. 

Fingers crossed x