High-grade smear test results

Hello, I had my first smear last week during the smear test the nurse said she could see some. Abnormalities on my cervix but that it’s probably just hormone changes but yesterday I got a phone call from the colposcopy department saying I needed to go in next Wednesday for more tests because my smear test had come back high grade she didn’t really go into to much detail just that they’d revived the results from the lab that morning and they needed to see me ASAP, do you think what the nurse had seen during my smear test could have somthing to do with the cell changes that have been picked up has anybody ever had anything simular? I’m so nervous that I’ll go on Wednesday and it be cancer

high grade changes are abnormal cells -Not Cancer , i’m guessing you was referred to colposcopy which is where they will carry out a similar test to smear, they will probably take a biopsy is when they take a small part of the area and send of to be looked at to confirm the abnormal cell changes, sometimes they will offer you treatment there and then which is more likely to be Lletz - you could read about it so you can be informed before the appointment. I had Lletz treatment 2 weeks ago for high grade abnormal cells its been stressful, i didnt get treatment in the first colposcopy appointment they just did biopsy then i waited for results before they decided to recommend having treatment. I know it all sounds scary and daunting but this is to prevent anything from turning into cancer in the future. I hope everything will be okay

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