High-grade smear result

just looking for advise/reassurance :-)

I am 25 with 2 children. 6months ago my stomach started cramping throughout the month, next month I started loosing significant amounts of blood.. Would wear tampon plus pad & blood would fill both a made a puddle on the floor. This happened about 5 times, really shocked me & one time my bathroom was full of blood so went to hospital. They were very uninterested & wouldn't even examone me. Said to return if I went dizzy or fainted. So saw my Gp would referred me on ... Saw main doctor at the hospital who due to my age was uninterested & removed my copper iud but would not test my cervix as it was 2 months before I turned 25... Anyways bleeding did stop after having implant. Just had my smear. & it says high-grade and I am now very worried .... Should I be? Is this common? 

After all my issues I am getting thyself all obsessing about the ssituation sorry for long detailed post...

I would really appreciate any advice xxx

Hi just seen your post and my advice would be to hound hound and hound some more until you are satisfied they have done everything that should be done! Us woman know our own bodies an if you feel something’s not right then demand you see a gynaecologist!

Hope all is ok

Laura c

Thank you

I haven't had my colposcopy date yet so will have to wait till then :-(

genuslly feel like I am not being taken seriously.. hopefully the new docs il see will put my mind at ease

thanks xx