High grade (severe) dyskaryosis

Hello all.

I guess that I just need some support. I received a letter saying that I had severe dyskaryosis yesterday (smear test was on 22ND July). There is no indication of how long I will have to wait for a colonoscopy appointment, which has been directly referred for me.

In the meantime, I’m extremely anxious, not helped by an existing anxiety disorder. I was also due to start IVF soon (36, no children, several miscarriages). As ever, I’m expecting the worst.

Might I have cancer? Do the removal processes inhibit fertility? Should I push for an urgent appointment?

Hope someone can advise.


Hi Juler. First of all i know its easier said than done but dont worry!!!!!! I, like you received a letter (after not having a smear for 5 years) saying that i had servere dyskaryosis and had to go for a colposcopy. A word of advice - stay off google!!! It really doesnt help and it isnt anywhere near as horrible as people make it out to be. Yes its alittle invasive, yes its uncomfortable, yes its slightly embarrassing but so what, it saves lives!!! Anyway, i needed treatment and the doctor performed lletz to remove my abnormal cells there and then. The whole process took less than 45 minutes. I had a folllow up smear 6 months later and thank fully all came back normal. In answer to your question - you are unlikely to have cancer.............its a possibility the abnormal cells may turn into cancer at a later stage and they have to be checked out thats all. As for your fertility - nup it wont affect one tiny bit. I had a beautiful baby girl in august 2015 (18 months after my treatment). I was told there is a slight possibility that the baby may be premature but the hospital just kept a closer eye on me and gave me internal scans between 16-24 weeks to check my cervix wasnt opening ...........turns out my little un wasnt for coming out at all and i had to be induced at 41 weeks lol. Honestly try not to worry hun!!!