High Grade/Severe Dyskaryosis

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Am new to Jo's Trust and have had alook around the website and forums and must say it has been incrediably helpful! I'm 26 and I had my first smear in Dec 2013 and received a HPV Positive results with no abnormal cells. Was invited back for smear test, which I had 12th Jan 2015 and have just received a letter through detailling I still have HPV and High Grade/Severe Dyskaryosis. The same day I received a phonecall to book in for a Colposcopy appointment, which is now booked for 9th Feb 2014 (initially wanting to book me in earlier but due to work comminments I can't make it until later). So in a year, the cells have changed a lot. I just wanted some advice really as to what to expect. Having read all the leaflets and spent time reading websites and forums, I know the Colposcopy appointment isn't my main concern. It's more what can happen next. What are the chances I will need treatment there and then? Will I be told the same day? Is everyone given a biopsy regardeless? Will I be able to go into work afterwards (with or without treatment)? Is it worth making an appointment with the nurse who did my smear test and find out more information? Sorry for all the questions - I think I just need some reassurance that it's all ok. Have had frequent bouts of cystitis, heavy periods, spotting, pain during sex, abdonimal pain and occasional bleeding afterwards. 

Sorry for the essay, thanks in advance for your help :) 

Hi i am also new to jo's trust,I had my first smear test at 24 in December 2014 and got told i had high grade dyskaryosis just like yourself,I was extremly scared as i didnt expect this after my first smear test.I had my colposcopy on jan 14th 2015 so its been just over a week,When i saw the consultant he told me i had to have treatment that day as it was high grade/severe,the treatment i had was called lletz which is a electric current that removes the bad cells and they also took a biopsy at the same time.I was in the treatment room for about 20 mins and didnt really feel anything apart from abit of pressure.My appointment was 15:00 in the afternoon and i was told i could go back to work the next day but to avoid lifting anything heavy and refrain from exersize for the first few days i could also shower and bathe as normal but to not use tampons and have sex for the next 4 weeks.The next couple of days i had strong period cramps and a bit of discharge,Like i said above its been over a week and ive just started to have a bit of spotting and occasional cramps but not to painful (sorry if thats to much info.)

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Thanks for replying, it's good to know I'm not alone in all this. Are you now waiting for biopsy results? Fingers crossed for you, sure it'll be fine! When they gave you LLETZ treatment, were you given anesthetic? I've taken the day of my Colposcopy off just in case I have treatment. xx


i know what it is like to feel alone in all of this as my mom hadnt been through anything like it and men dont understand haha I found this site really useful before i had mine done as it answered alot of questions i had which put my mind a rest a little.

yes im waiting for my biopsy results just over 2 weeks before i get them im staying quite postive as the consultant was positive about what he had looked at and removed,You are given a local anesthetic and to be honest i never felt the needle which i was most worried about it was just pressure which i felt on my lower back,i was completely fine afterwards they let me sit in the room and have a drink until i felt ready to leave.

you will be fine :) x

thanks for the reassurance, im not as panicky as I was after reading your experiences. Fingers crossed it'll be fine. realised earlier today my period will be due a couple of days after which I'm hoping won't cause any issue, we'll see. xx