High grade (severe) Dyskaryosis

Hi all, 

10 weeks ago I had my first smear test. The results came back on Friday as showing high grade (severe) Dyskaryosis. I was absolutely petrified at first and had no idea what this meant. This letter was followed by another the day after confirming that I have an appointment for a colposcopy on wednesday! I thought that this was really quick considering it took them 10 weeks to tell me what my initial test showed! 

I have had post Coital bleeding since I was 17 (I’m now 25) and when I went to the doctors they told me it was due to my implant “playing havoc” with my hornones And that eventually it would settle down. i also have really severe pelvic pain on my right hand side. Most of the time it is a dull ache but when I do intense exercise it gets to the point where it is excruciating to walk. Again I went to the gp who told me to monitor it and said to keep a diary of when it happens. I have never felt the full ticket and now this result has come back I am so worried that it could be something horrible. I feel completely let down by my doctors and feel that it is my fault for not pushing them to do more tests. I am aware that these symptoms could relate to something else entirely but my abnorma result has absolutely petrified me and I’m just in need of some support! 

Thanks Everyone.