High Grade (Severe) dyskaryosis and HPV positive

How do people cope whilst being in limbo, waiting for treatments and results?!
Also how did you recover from Lettz treatment? Has anyone had an Endometrial biopsy also?

My backstory:
Im 30 and had my first smear test in September.
A week later i had an appointment for a colposcopy as i test positive for HPV and high grade dyskaryosis.
I attended the colposcopy and was told the moment the consultant looked at my cervix i would need Lettz treatment to remove the cells. He said visually it looks like CIN2 and not to worry.
I was going on holiday a couple of days after this appointment so i couldnt be treated.
He told me they would rebook me in to have treatment and a biopsy.

The appointment has been made for Wednesday the 23rd of November due to how busy my hospital is. I have done nothing but research and worry. How do you cope?
On my appointment letter for the lettz treatment the consultant has written that i have a ‘high grade lesion’ and aswell as the punch biopsy i need an Endometrial biopsy done.

Has anyone had to wait this long?

I haven’t even had the Lettz treatment yet so i know i have atleast another month until i get confirmation.

Anyone been in this situation, what was your experience? Thankyou for reading.

Hiya!! I went for colposcopy after 2 years HPV and no cell changes to the third year HPV and moderate changes. When they took a look the cells were all over the place and ‘tucked away’ so want to remove them under general. So I’m in limbo waiting for that. Got pre op on Monday but don’t know when they will actually be removed. The waiting is the worst but this treatment is very effective so I keep telling myself that. There’s so much info on this site and stories which are really helpful :heart: