high grade plus hpv

Hi guys,

I received my results today from last weeks  smear. Saying I have tested positive again for hpv and I had high grade severe dyskaryosis.  I tested positive for hpv last year but had normal  smear. But they requested a repeat this year due yo the hpv. Im gutted to receive the results as I had a baby 7 week s ago and terrified of cc abd not seeing my baby grow up. The hospital have rang and bookef me in for Friday for a colposcopy

 Which seems really fast. Im in norfolk, Is this normal ? Is high grade dyskaryosis the last step cin3 before cc ? 

Reading this forum has definitely helped but im still so scared

Thanks for reading x 



*Just an update for info as I found people s results helpful *

  1. So had my colposopy yesterday which was completely pain less. The doctor was brilliant as was the very friendly nurse. I had a small area of white cells shown up after the vinegar solution was applied. Which he thought was ciin3 but didn't think had progressed to cc. So was very relieved, obviously this needs confirmation so waiting for result's now. I found it very reassuring yo watch on screen. But didn't watch the cutting out bit. It was honestly less painful then my smears. So fingers crossed it will be ok, thank goodness for the testing system.