High Grade Moderate Dyskaryosis

Hi Everybody,

I’m a super worried fiance of the most amazing woman in the world…which it seems many of you are from what i have been reading on here (amazing women not fiance’s). It’s taken me a few days to pluck up the courage to write to you all and to just get my thoughts down on a page.

We’re due to be married in 4 weeks time and just moved in to our second house together 4 months ago…were hoping to try starting for a baby after our honeymoon in October and then out of the blue my fiancee had her smear test results back with "abnormal cells called high grade - moderate -dyskaryosis.

So as you can imagine, like i’m sure most partners or even some of you have done…i went googling and reading everything i could find on the subject, needless to say i’ve gone into ultimate panic mode and am worrying about something i can’t even effect.

The colposcopy is this Friday morning and i guess i’m just worried about things coming out as the worst case scenario and that scares the hell out of me. Plus, i just wanted our wedding to be so perfect for her and our family, we’re only having something very small and intimate, with the people that really matter but now this could be hanging over her and spoiling her and others enjoyment of that special day (nobody else knows about colposcopy yet) :frowning: …what’s more, i guess if there is a biopsy taken then those results, given the 4 week timescales, won’t come until a day or so before we are due to leave the country for our wedding & honeymoon…if they do at all.

So, right now we’re both remaining super confident and making sure immune systems are fully reinforced to be best placed to face any challenge that may or may not be ahead.

I don’t know what i’m looking for by posting this in here, i know there’s no reassurance, no guarantees people can give and i’m not after that…i guess it just helps to put the words down on here.

Thanks for reading and to those of you that take them time to respond …i feel super selfish writing my worries on here when it’s not even me that has to go through this physically…or even quite the same way in a mental context either.


I didn’t want to read and run and I’m sure one of the informed posters in here will be along to offer some reassuring facts regarding stats etc. I’m not very clued up but I do know that it’s very unlikely that she will have something serious. Nothing that a quick clinic appointment can’t fix.

Your fiance is a very lucky girl to have you being so considerate of her feelings at this very stressful time.

Keep being really supportive and that will help her massively :slight_smile:

Roxy x

Thanks for taking the time to reply Roxy, very much appreciated. I suppose it is nice to have some reassurance from other people who have experience with similar situations.

i'm naturally a worrier / pessimist so my mind is in overdrive with it and I don't want to make her worry or think anything but positive thoughts, which is hard when she's the one that usually encourages me to be more positive and laughs at my worrying! I'm laughing at myself writing this now because I know it would give her a good tickle to think of me being so daft! 

Fingers crossed for Friday and for the wait and results beyond that 

I was driven mad with worry. I had a 6 week wait for results and the whole time I thought that I was going to get the worst news possible. It really is horrendous. I got results which were good and every abnormal call has been removed. Fingers crossed for your Fiance I hope she will get good results too :slight_smile:

My husband brushed it off as nothing, didn’t showed he cared much. Also kept coming out with the usual cliches haha. I think deep down he was worried but didn’t want to panic me. Ahh, if only he just talked haha!

Im glad to hear that all turned out well for you despite the initial scare, heres hoping you're clear now and no further recurrences and having to go through the not knowing and waiting again! 

i imagine they would return biopsy results quicker than 4 weeks if they thought things were urgent or needed more attention....or you would hope so anyway. That said, would we rather know before or after the wedding etc.? Who knows X 

Well when I got to the point I couldn’t take the waiting any longer I called the clinic. I was told by the Secretary who deals with the results letters etc that if it was anything serious woman are contacted within 2 weeks. That’s in my area (Aberdeen). You could ask your clinics policy tomorrow?

It’s a 95% success rate when they remove the dyskaryosis cells so I’m pretty positive now and only need to attend again in 6 months for a check up colposcopy. We are all in good hands, our hospitals are extra careful.

Well best of luck and wishing you and your Fiance all the best for your up coming wedding and new life together :slight_smile: please feel free to pop in and ask away again. DO NOT GOOGLE haha! No question is silly and the ladies on here have been a godsend for me. So many different experiences and the site has great up to date information.

Take care Roxy

That can go amongst a long list of questions i've already thought of for her to ask tomorrow ...she won't be expecting anything less from me i'm sure....however patronising it may seem given it's her going through it not me. It's hard to just step aside and not try to be involved / not worry when it's somebody so close though.

You're right though about the people on here, it's great to see everybody supporting one another, even those that have come through the slightest scare and are now completely clear. I think everybody understands the whole abnormal smear result is a horrible thing for a lady to receive regardless.


Thanks again Roxy, take care

Hey Roxy,

So they performed the LLETZ today at the Colposcopy and told her it was a very small area that they needed to remove. She's been given a copy of a letter that is to be sent to the GP stating "high grade CIN and high grade HPV" and advised that she will receive results in next few weeks and will be called back in 6 months for a check up. Fingers crossed the results come soon and are positive :)

Thanks again for your responses :)


I had my colposcopy and 10 days lated I got a phone call with my results if she explains when she goes for it done that she will be out of the country and could she have her results as soon as possible via phone call then I'm sure they will do that :)

although I know it's nice to know exactly what's going on IF she has high grade and needs LLETZ treatment then that might out a bit of a dampener on your wedding :( I went on holiday thinking positive and put it to the back of my mind and faced it head on when I got home and although I'm still waiting the results of my LLETZ treatment I'm glad I didn't find out till I got home :) 

have an amazing holiday and good luck for your special day x

Hi Chloe,

thanks for responding. I'm not sure whether either of us would prefer to know results of LLETZ before or after the wedding/honeymoon -  she had the LLETZ on Friday just gone and the letter to the doctor from the colposcopist (if that is a word) stated "high grade CIN and high grade HPV" . Not sure if they could know that prior to the biopsy of the small but that they removed or whether that is their suspicion from what they have observed and then a more detailed biopsy will give a more definitive diagnosis? 

i can only admire how strong she has been and how positive she remains about everything...part of the reason I love her so much I guess. Fingers crossed all her positive thinking helps beat anything and everything.

4 weeks yeaterday until the wedding I guess we might hear something either way before ...hopefully all my worry has been in vain and there is nothing serious / worse found....although that said high grade CIN and high grade HPV is pretty bad I assume? 


Overthinking again :(

Hello Again,


So my fiancee received a letter inviting her back for a Colposcopy appointment in 6 months time - no indication of biopsy results or anything, assume these come later? Is it normal to go back for Colposcopy in 6 months, i have read about people going to 6 month smears....but a Colposcopy again in 6 months? Or is this actually the smear just performed by more specialist professionals?


I wouldn't say high grade CIN is bad news, not if they are confident it's been removed and will do a check up in 6 months. I'm not 100% sure but I THINK they will check that the hpv has cleared up by itself by then. 

I will be going to my GP surgery for the smear in 6 months not the colposcopy clinic but the leaflet I got through the post said that depending on where I lived I would get my next one at either local surgery or colposcopy clinic. So it's probably just protocol. 

The waiting is the worse bit and I totally get what you and your fiance mean by not knowing if you want to find out before your honeymoon. 

Going by what you've said it sounds like they are pretty confident it's CIN and not cancer cells found if that's what was in the letter. The results of the biopsy is to confirm. 

Your fiance could call the clinic that performed her colp and ask what exactly will be happening at the next appointment and also chase up her results at the same time! 

Good luck hope you find out soon 


Hey Roxy,


thanks as as ever for your response! 

Hope you are ok?

We've got another 2 weeks until we leave for the wedding yet and it's now been two weeks since the colp. i think we've both tried to pretty much put it out of our mind for the last week or so although she's had some very light watery discharge so the reminder is always there. Everytime we pick up the mail we both sit down to open her letters together just in case there is any bad news.

We've been dosing up with immune boosting vitamins as well just to hopefully help the healing process and help try and keep anything at bay. 


Fingers crossed :)



Well the good thing to remember is that fully invasive cervical cancer is pretty rare. What's even more rare is the type of cc I got lol. But really, it's very rare. Abnormal Pap smears? Not rare at all. Very common. Probably just have some things cut off and move on. If at the small  chance she does have cc, it's highly treatable, highly curable. You're still gonna have her around for many years to come, regardless. Enjoy the wedding :)

Thanks for your reassurance nm_353

Sorry to hear about your own situation, makes me feel a little silly worrying about something that actually should be positive - they detected abnormal cells via the smear (that's what it's for after all) and have hopefully removed them all and any further risk.

i hope your treatment is going as well as possible and you're remaining strong and positive :) 


Good news came through the post today!


So, biopsy results arrived after 2.5 weeks, well in advance of the wedding..and the good news was there are no cancerous cells and all abnormal cells have been removed. 

Apparently she had mild, moderate and high grade CIN, all of which have been completely removed according to the letter. Back in 6 months for further colp. 

A weight off our shoulders which will hopefully mean we can now enjoy our wedding and honeymoon without worry. I suppose it is always in the back of your mind until the next appointment though so i hope she is able to relax and enjoy herself properly until closer to the time.

Thanks for all the advice / encouragment and listening on here ladies!

Way hayyy!! That's excellent news! So happy to hear and thanks for coming back on to let us know. 

Have a fantastic wedding day, honeymoon and life together!!!


Roxy x 

so, it's been 6 months already and it's the return to the women's hospital for screening. Hopefully my wife isn't too worried, i however, will never tire of worrying  unneccesarily about things I can't affect / things that may actually be nothing to worry about! I don't want to let her know I'm worried though so as that doesnt help anybody.

so, I'm opting for radio silence, not even going to mention it at all apart from obviously accompanying her to the appointment! 


fingers crossed things are still clear and all good. 

Hi All,

I hope you're all staying strong and there have been some good news stories for people on here since i last posted?

So, we got the results back a few weeks after the 6 month colposcopy and my wife got the all clear and has been returned to regular smear pattern now.

We also had some great news a in April and are super excited that we're going to be parents for the first time later this year :)

So, my new concern is that my wife has had some light bleeding / spotting after sex recently and i don't know whether this is something we should be concerned about or not. She's made the midwife aware and we've been told it is quite normal for this to happen after sex during pregnancy...however...she did say that once the baby has been born my wife should ask the Doctor to arrange a smear just to be safe.

Has anybody else been in a similar sitaution: High grade moderate dyskaryosis > LLETZ > All clear > preganancy > spotting after sex? IS it cause for concern? Is there no option for some form of smear during pregnancy to be safe?


Thanks as always