High Grade Level - Pre-cancerous cells

I have just joined this group.

I  have been diagnosed with High grade Precancerous cells.  

I am going for my treatment on Thursday 11th dec 2014 - Any advice and tips will be appreciated.

Thanking you all in advance. x

Hi hon,

it'll be ok. Are you having a lletz? If so, local or general anesthetic? My advice would be to make sure you have cleared a bit of time off work, but you may find that you're ok by next Monday if you have Friday and the weekend to rest. Do what you're told in terms of recovery! RE baths, sex, swimming, tampons.

After my lletz I found that I was quite sore down below, but I realised this was mainly being caused by having to wear sanitary towels for an extended time. Most are quite chemical! I bought boots own 'cottons' towels, and began to use simple baby body wash, and the improvement was almost instant.

have some ibuprofen to hand!

all the best for Thursday, we're here if you need to chat.

Molly xxx

Hi Molly,

Thank you so much for your support.

I am feeling a bit nervous but I'm sure will be all done in no time.

Part of me just wants to get his done and just get on with normal life.

Hope you are keeping well.

Thank you once again.


A BIG hug full of lots of LOVE....x

Hi there - I had mine almost a week ago and feel fine. All of Mollz advice is exactly what's needed, plus its best to bring someone with you to take your mind off things while you're waiting.

I've been wearing pads for 6 days and have had very little discharge, so you could be lucky. I have heard of others bleeding a lot (I know I'm counting my chickens as apparently it could still happen).

Best of luck, everything will be ok xxx

Hey hun...

Hope you recovering well...

Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it...

Just counting down on hours to get this done n over with.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope to be in touch.

Thanking you once again.


Lots of Love n Hugs   x

Vicky x