high grade lesion/ endometrial biopsy???

Hi all, I am going in for the Lletz under General anaesthetic on the 3rd Sept as the Consultant said there was too much to remove under local when I went in for colposcopy. The consultant didn't explain a lot to me, so I decided to call the colposcopy Secretary to see if she could explain anymore about my results to me as I am worried sick. She told me that my smear results were severe grade dyskaryosis. She also told me that I have a high grade lesion?  Is this something different to the dyskaryosis? I really don't understand any of this! Also when I go in for the Lletz I will be having a endometrial biopsy. Is this standard procedure? Has anyone else had one of these? How was it? I will be so grateful if anyone could explain all of this gobbledygook to me :)

Hi nikki, I also had my LLETZ done under a GA (Due to other health issues) and they also did an endometrial biopsy. I believe this is just standard procedure, it's just to check that the womb is also functioning properly and nothing is wrong with the womb. In my experience, i had mild cramping for a couple of days - my bleeding afterwards lasted 4 weeks but i think that was down to the fact my blood doesn't clot rather than the operation itself. If you are concerned about the lesion ring the clinic and ask them to clarify exactly what that is for you.

If you need to talk, just pm me :) Hope i've helped somewhat