High grade in the canal of the cervix

Hello... can anyone help me?  Or share some information?

31st July - First smear age 24

7th August - Call and letter from the doctors indicating high grade severe dyskaryosis and colposcopy arranged 

20th August - Colposcopy appointment


During my colposcopy appointment, the nurses made me feel really relaxed and comfortable.  They started to apply to first liquid and there were no changes to my cervix.  Then they put the second dye on and still no changes happened.  I was watching the screen the whole time,  and I too, could't see any changes.

The nurse seemed a little confused and explained to me that she wanted to obtain my original smear test slide compared with the pictures from my colposcopy.  She then explaned to me that she will ring me in a weeks time after she has discussed my case with the consultants. 

Friday 27th August -  The nurse rang back to explain that the consultants had agreed to go ahead with the treatment and I will be having the loop treatent because they assume the abnormal cells are further up the canal. 

What does this mean?

How will they find them?

Does this mean they are more difficult to treat?

How can my smear test result and colposcopy examination be so different?

Does anyone have any answers? 

My brain is frazzled and I'm feel so overwhelmed and confused!!

Not sure what this means, you should def call and ask them to clarify any questions you have. I also see that there is a help line number and that a lot of the other women on here use it with relief. Lastly, I will say, during my colposcopy they found white patches within the cervix of my canal. I am awaiting ther results which will be in Thursday of this week. good luck to us!