High grade HPV & moderate abnormal cells

I have my colposcopy tomorrow. High grade HPV and moderate abnormal cells - nervous! So nervous!

I’ve had regular cervical screenings and this is my first HPV positive test (I have been under immense stress so not surprised by the flair up) and first knowledge of abnormal cells.

Read loads - probably too much! Can’t stop thinking, my brains in overdrive noticing every twinge.

Sending love and strength to all feeling anxious and a little alone x


Hello let me know how you get on I was very very nervous for mine but it really isn’t that bad had treatment Lletz and now I really wish I didn’t stress so much about it th overthinking is for sure the worst part of all this take care


I hope the treatment went well today, be kind to yourself as you recover from it. I’m the same with reading up on everything, I’d rather know all the info I can find. Take care and if you ended up having lletz make sure to have a hot water bottle handy this was my best friend early on. Xx

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Thank you for your messages :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My consultant was fantastic and gave me plenty of information to make informed decisions.

I did have LLETZ today and the pain was minimal for me. My worry was more about what was going to happen, particularly local anaesthetic injections which was much worse in my mind then reality (don’t look at the screen!) . The nurses were so kind and tried to distract me with what was happening. I also feel that they were there to advocate for me. The consultant was hopeful he got all the abnormal cells (fingers crossed) and now I just have to wait for the biopsy results xxx

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So glad you’ve had a positive experience :grin: and that he was able to say he was confident is reassuring. go easy now, rest up and invest in some nighttime sanitary pads too I’ve found them much better than ordinary as they’re longer xx

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Did you have a watery discharge after LLETZ? Xx

Yes I did, watery pinkish, had black bits in aswell which freaked me out until I read on here that it’s the healing of where they sealed the wound :nauseated_face: had discharge for quite a while then bleeding which stopped this weekend around day 12, nothing for 2 days then the watery discharge again today :cry: xx

Thanks for replying…good to have heads up of potential bleeding. I hope it all settles for you soon :pray: feel a little disoriented by the whole experience xx

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Me too, I honestly didn’t expect to be feeling so upside down. I don’t think anyone’s got great patience in these types of situations and it’s hard to know what to expect a sit all depends on your own healing but it was very helpful to read experiences here xx


Google crazy again tonight :face_with_peeking_eye: very light pink watery bleeding today - just started 9 days after LLETZ, anyone else? Feel like I should document in case anyone else reads this now or in the future…xx

@Fairshore i hope the bleeding settles down soon. This site and other posts seem to suggest it can take 4-6 weeks to settle.
How are you getting on now?
I’m going in on wed for the colposcopy. My letter states I have high risk HPV and some cell changes but don’t know anymore at this stage. I’m 36 and have had regular smear tests since first invited. So keep thinking all should be okay.
I hope things settle for you soon xx

Hi @1985Lucy , the consultant was pretty sure the cells were pre cancerous as I’d had regular screening so fingers crossed same for you :crossed_fingers:. The waiting is the worst - as soon as I got to my colposcopy appointment I felt a sense of relief that I’d get some answers and in my case treatment. Please ask questions if you have any? Xx

@Fairshore thats good the consultant was able to give you some reassurance at the appointment. Have the indicated how long it will be to get your results?
I feel a little like I’m entering a world here I knew nothing about.
I was reading another post where people were commenting that others in their family / friend group don’t seem to want to talk about it. I’ve experience this too. Sort of a “ssshh now - don’t over think it - just go to the appointment. All will be fine.” It’s nice to know there’s a safe place here to talk. Xx