High grade dyskyrosis so scared

I'm 24 and have recently had my first smear test and got my results back Friday saying I had high grade dyskyrosis and my colposcopy is booked for 11th of june so in just over 2 weeks. I am so scared as I suffer with anxiety as it is. I have a 9 and a half month old son and I am so scared that I am going to die and leave him without a mother and I feel certain they are going to find advanced cancer. I don't feel like I can be entirely open with my family as to how scared I am as I don't want to scare them too much, but I can tell they are all very worried - Does anyone know how likely it is that they will find cancer? I mean does cancer show up from a smear test? or is it just if you have high grade dyskyrosis then you might have cancer?


Thanks in advance to any replies 


Sadie xx

Hi Sadie, sorry to hear you are going through this but please try not to panic too much. Being worried and scared is a totally normal rection to the situation but a high grade result by no means indicates you have advanced cancer. A smear test is not designed as a diagnostic test, its an indicator of abnormalities that need to be further investigated and you will know a lot more about were you stand once you have had your colpo. In answer to your question, cancer can sometimes be detected by a smear test but it is rare for that to happen, it can take years for abnormalities to progress to cancer and in most cases it never will, the great thing about having changes detected is that they can be dealt with before they ever get the chance to turn nasty. Its a really positive thing that changes have been picked up and I am sure you will be well looked after, even if you need to have treatment, for most women that will be it, problem sorted and regular monitoring will make sure it stays that way.

I can totally relate to not wanting to really share your fears with friends and family but the old addage 'its good to talk' really does hold true and everybody on here is very supportive and knows exactly how you feel so feel free to ask questions or just off load if you need to.


Hi Niki thanks so much for your reply, I have talked about it to my partner and my parents, but I start crying when I do and so they get really upset too, just hope this next 2 weeks goes fast and I'm going to ring tomorrow and say if they get any cancellations to call me as I want it done as soon as possible.


I have read through a lot of threads on here and everyone is really supportive and informative, it's good to hear other peoples stories and not feel so alone, as no-one I know has ever had sever changes on their smears.


Thanks again



I've sent you a private message Sadie xx

Its strange isnt it, I keep being told that it is more common than you think yet I personally know only two people who have ever had to have treatment, not very common considering the number of women I know! Through my first round of treatment I really didnt tell anybody apart from literally about 3 people and I felt like I was constantly carrying a huge weight around with me, once it was clear things were going to drag on a bit longer I kind of came out of the closet about it and I have been pretty overwhelmed by the support people have offered me, I really dont know why we have a tendancy to go through this alone and not want to share it with others, silly really but we all seem to do it.


Fingers crossed for you it will all be over soon

Hi. I also had my first smear a few months ago at 24 and it came back as severe dyskaryosis I was heartbroken 2 n worried sick. At my colposcopy they removed the tissue on my cervix (lletz) and done a biopsy.. I had severe dyskaryosis and will need smears every 6months. The lletz treatment wasnt to bad I had shakes more than anything from the injection I had.  Hope this helps